Starfield player’s bizarre encounter with naked NPCs raises eyebrows

A screenshot from the game StarfieldBethesda Game Studios

A Starfield player’s bizarre encounter with a group of lifeless, nearly nude NPCs has left the community stunned once again.

There’s certainly been no shortage of quirks, amusing bugs, and unexpected features in Bethesda’s Starfield. The latest bizarre discovery involves a player who stumbled upon a group of dead NPCs, all semi-nude, scattered everywhere along a walkway.

The player was simply exploring Starfield when they came across the many Crimson Fleet NPCs all lying lifeless on the floor in nothing but underpants.

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This has left the Starfield community wondering whether this was an intentional feature or another bug in the game, much like the recently discovered NPC fight club and the unexpected multi-companion marriages.

The player shared a short clip of this strange encounter on Starfield’s Reddit community, asking, “Soooooo… Why are they all naked?” The post sparked a flurry of responses, with one user humorously suggesting, “This is like some mass cult suicide. Or a gangbang gone wrong.”

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Other players chimed in, sharing their unique experiences with nudity bugs in Starfield. One user mentioned, “The guards in Akila are all naked for me. Can’t figure it out at all. All in their undergarments,” while another recounted, “I’ve been getting this bug too. I was at the good old Jemison Mercantile, and there was an employee in the corner sweeping while dressed only in his underwear.”

Since its release, Starfield has provided countless unexpected and puzzling scenarios for players. From players being launched into space without their ship to having pet asteroids follow them around in space, the game continues to surprise its fanbase.

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But whether these occurrences are intentional features or mere glitches remains up for debate.

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