Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces ‘Slow Mode’ for more accessible platforming

jedi survivor slow modeEA/Lucasfilm Games

Details about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s accessibility options have confirmed a Slow Mode that will make platforming easier.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is considered a bright spot in EA’s otherwise underwhelming catalog of Star Wars games in recent years.

The quality of gameplay and storytelling surprised series fans and newcomers alike. Protagonist Cal Kestis instantly became a fan favorite, too. However, one aspect of the experience that many agreed needed work was its platforming mechanics.

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It’s currently unclear how much Respawn improved upon the platforming for Jedi Survivor. But news regarding the game’s accessibility options should inspire hope for those who are worried.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a ‘Slow Mode’

Electronic Arts have shared an overview of the accessibility features included in Respawn’s next Star Wars-branded adventure.

In addition to subtitles and closed captions, control customization, visual adjustments, gameplay modifiers, and five different difficulty levels, players can also anticipate Slow Mode.

The Slow Mode toggle will let users slow down the action to “ease the challenge of both combat and platforming.” According to Jonas Lundqvist, Senior Director of Development, the mode began as a combat-centric addition before developers realized it could benefit any timing component.

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“It opens up some of our platforming to be more accessible, allows for different reaction times, and helps make the game generally more accessible to a larger audience,” he explained.

EA/Lucasfilm Games
Jedi Survivor accessibility settings

As of now, it is unclear how much control players will have over the Slow Mode toggle in Jedi Survivor. For example, will it be possible to isolate Slow Mode functionality to platforming alone and leave the combat setting on the pre-selected difficulty?

Players can find out that much and more for themselves soon enough. Cal Kestis’ new adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hits stores on Friday, April 28.

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