Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to find “glitched” Priorite Shard

jedi survivor priorite glitchEA/Lucasfilm Games

Jedi Survivor’s Splurgle Trophy was thought to be glitched, but the final Priorite Shard actually requires a weird trick to unlock – here’s what to do.

The new Star Wars Jedi game has a Trophy list that seems simple enough to complete; at launch, however, many assumed one Trophy – Splurgle – was bugged.

Splurgle tasks players with purchasing every item in Doma’s store on Koboh, meaning all 100 Priorite Shards must be found. The Treasure Map that becomes available after beating the story campaign makes this fairly easy.

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However, Trophy Hunters like PowerPyx had trouble accessing one final Priorite Shard at the stables on Koboh, leading to the assumption that the Splurgle Trophy was broken. That’s no longer the case since players have figured out how to uncover the last piece of Priorite.

How to find the “glitched” Priorite Shard in Jedi Survivor

There’s a certain process that must be followed before players can access the Priorite Shard at the stables in Rambler’s Reach on Koboh.

For one, users have to first unlock the ability to ride the Nekko creatures. Finding a so-called “rare” Nekko and housing it at the stables marks the next step. (YouTuber Ben-Gun notes that rare in this case means one with a bright-colored coat such as yellow or purple.)

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Once the Nekko’s settled in, a prompt should pop up saying, “Your Nekko is now stabled.” Players should then go rest or fast travel at the nearby Meditation Point in Pyloon’s Saloon.

If the right Nekko was stabled, the creature will have left a smelly surprise for Cal in its area. (Resting or fast traveling will spawn new Nekkos near the stables.) After finding the pile of Nekko dung, users need only to follow the on-screen prompt to dig out the missing Priorite Shard.

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It’s certainly a strange way of hiding a collectible, especially since, according to PowerPyx guide writers, this is the only shard that requires players to perform tasks outside of picking it up.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a Priorite Shard reward for advancing through the Holotactics minigame at Pyloon’s Saloon.