Jedi Survivor player finds workaround for broken HDR on PS5 & Xbox Series

jedi survivor hdr brokenEA/Lucasfilm Games

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player has found a temporary fix for the broken HDR issue plaguing PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Despite receiving generally positive reviews ahead of launch, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has become mired in controversy due to technical errors. The PC version seems to be dealing with the worst issues, yet PS5 and Xbox Series players aren’t exactly home-free in this regard.

Jedi Survivor’s PC troubles, in particular, range from framerate stuttering and graphical glitches to crashing and a host of other performance-based hiccups.

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Console players who enable HDR settings may encounter a fair few problems, as well. Notably, the HDR setting completely destroys the image quality in some cases, making it so that nearly everything on the screen appears black. Thankfully, a YouTuber has figured out a temporary solution.

How to fix Jedi Survivor’s broken HDR on PS5 and Xbox Series

YouTuber GamingTech has shared solutions to addressing the HDR bugs plaguing PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. It’s worth noting that these are temporary fixes, so here’s to hoping Respawn deploys a patch in the near future.

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PS5 HDR fix:

  • Go to HDR settings on the console and increase the values on all three “Adjust” pages to maximum limits. You’ll know the setting is maxed out when the “Brighter” button is greyed out.
  • Start the game and enter the “Visuals” menu in Jedi Survivor’s settings.
  • From there, jump to HDR, then set HDR Brightness to 20 and set the HDR Black Point value to 5.

GamingTech’s recommended fix for the Jedi Survivor’s broken HDR on Xbox Series platforms is as follows:

  • When going into Xbox’s HDR settings, don’t change anything on the “HDR Game Calibration” screen. Simply hit the “Next” option.
  • Again, select “Next” on the “Minimum Luminance” page.
  • On “Maximum Luminance,” set it to the maximum brightness level.
  • After launching Jedi Survivor, find the HDR settings in-game.
  • Leave the HDR Brightness at its default setting but scale the HDR Black Point to 25.

The YouTuber notes that these solutions still aren’t “the best for HDR settings;” however, they at least make the game playable for those who’d like to keep HDR enabled.

Respawn and EA have apologized for the current state of Jedi Survivor on PC and plan to issue fixes as soon as possible. Hopefully, those plans include patches for the game’s console versions, as well.

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