How to play Pokemon Sword and Shield, FIFA 20, and other upcoming games at i65

by Paul Cotton
Nintendo / @IGFestUK, Twitter


In partnership with Insomnia 65 – for more information and to buy tickets, go here.

A demo of Pokemon Sword and Shield will be playable on August 23 through to August 26 at the i65 Insomnia Gaming Festival, along with various other high profile titles.


Insomnia 65 takes place at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England, and the UK's biggest gaming festival something for every type of gamer. 

In addition to the upcoming Pokemon game, Nintendo's Legends of Zelda Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be playable for attendees along with a myriad of other highly anticipated games like FIFA 20, Borderlands 3 and more thanks to the stacked Insomnia Gaming Expo.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, FIFA, and other i65 expo games

The hype is building in anticipation of the introduction to the eighth generation of Pokemon. 

With only a select few people having been able to get hands on with Pokemon Sword and Shield so far, Insomnia provides a great opportunity to experience the British-themed game before its full release on November 15.

Insomnia Gaming Festival
Insomnia Gaming Festival
Some big Nintendo titles are available to play at i65!


FIFA fans will also get the chance to try out FIFA 20, courtesy of the PlayStation expo which also features MediEvil, Control and even Sniper Elite VR.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Just Dance 2020, Borderlands 3 and more will also be playable, so there really is something for everyone.

"All of this and more a the Insomnia Gaming Expo," say the organizers. "Over the years we’ve seen some amazing exhibitors such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Razer, Corsair, Overclockers, Trust Gaming & many, many more. every year the show gets bigger and better!"

The full list of playable demos and games at the i65 expo, can be viewed here.


Why you should be excited about Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Freak, the developers of Pokemon Sword and Shield, are pulling out all the stops for their first mainline Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch. Based in the Galar region, the game introduces Dynamax Pokemonranked battles and of course an array of new Pokemon to catch.

While there are still plenty of details yet to be revealed, the game is shaping up and is one of the most highly anticipated games in Pokemon history. Nintendo have already been sharing subtle storyline details that suggest the narrative will be gripping from start to finish.

The demo may provide further clues about the story and could even reveal more, as yet, unseen Pokemon. After all, the Pokemon Sword and Shield demo at E3 2019 was where Impidimp was discovered.


Pokemon Sword and Shield can be played in the Nintendo section (numbered 7 on the map below) which is located next to catering.

Insomnia Gaming Festival
Insomnia Gaming Festival
Map showing locations of things to do to do at the i65 Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia 65 special guests, zones, and more

Insomnia isn't just a chance to play games, though, as some of the most popular YouTubers from across the world will be present.


You can also look back at some gaming history in the retro zone or witness some of the best cosplayers the country has to offer in the cosplaying zone.

"See your favourite YouTubers from across the globe, play some of the latest games, experience virtual reality, relive the past in our retro zone, and try a new level of gaming in the tabletop zone and so much more all under one roof," says the Insomnia website, where tickets can also be purchased.

Whether you're going for the game demos, to watch the esports action, or to compete in Borderlands 3 cosplay competition, it looks like this will be the biggest Insomnia Gaming Festival ever.