How to sign up for the Fortnite Chipotle Challenger Series

How to register for Chipotle Challenger SeriesChipotle

The next tournament in the Chipotle Challenger Series is fast closing in on us, as Fortnite players and top streamers and celebrities go head-to-head for their share of the $50,000 prize pool.

The Chipotle Challenger Series first kicks off on September 17 with two qualifiers, followed by another two a week later on September 24.

The top team from each qualifier then joins up with 17 teams of invited talent, including top Fortnite personalities such as Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson, as well as sports stars like Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic and New Orleans Pelicans’ Josh Hart.

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But how do you sign up to compete against these stars?

Chipotle Challenger Series FortniteChipotle/Epic Games
The Chipotle Challenger Series gives upcoming competitors the chance to test their talents against some of the biggest names in both Fortnite and traditional sports.

How to register for the Chipotle Challenger Series

Signing up for the Chipotle Challenger Series couldn’t be easier, but there are a couple of requirements to tick off before you can. You must be over 13 years of age, you must reside in the USA or Canada, and, as it’s a trios tournament, you must have two teammates ready to go with you.

Then, if you’re eligible to compete, here’s how to sign up for the tournament:

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  1. Head to the tournament’s official Battlefy page.
  2. Make sure you’re signed up to Battlefy and logged in.
  3. Select whichever qualifier you and your trio wish to play in.
  4. Register your team.

Once you’re registered, just make sure you play your matches when your qualifier starts and, with any luck, you might be one of the few teams able to show their mettle against some of the biggest names in both Fortnite and the sporting world.

And that’s it! Once you and your teammates are signed up, you’ll want to start getting the practice in — with $50,000 on the line and the chance to prove yourself against some of the biggest names in Fortnite, this might be the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, and you never know where this could lead to.

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Be sure to visit our Chipotle Challenger Series hub for all the information you need on the tournament including rules, dates, prize pool breakdown, past winners, a full list of invited stars and more.