How to enter PlayStation Tournaments on PS5

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PlayStation is introducing competitive tournaments for select titles in the coming months and we have all the information so that you can join the battle!

Gaming has evolved over the years from a simple pastime to a full-on competitive scene that rivals some of the biggest professional sports leagues in the world.

While games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends are primarily played on the PC, other titles like Rocket League, Overwatch, Valorant, and many more are cross-platform so that players on all systems can participate.

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PlayStation is now making its own foray into the competitive gaming world with its newest feature, tournaments.

How can I enter PlayStation Tournaments?

Players can sign up for PlayStation Tournaments directly on their PS5 or PS4 by following the instructions below.

To sign up for a tournament from a PS5:

  • Find the games with active or upcoming tournaments (NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, Guilty Gear -Strive-). These games will display a Tournament Card in the PS5 Control Center, the Game Hub for that title, and in-game when you press the PlayStation Tournaments button.
  • Selecting a Tournament Card will display all the details of that tournament, including start date and times, duration, rules and the reward or prize you’ll be playing for.
  • Once you’ve chosen the tournament you’d like to enter at a suitable start time, hit the Register button and you’ll be entered as a competitor.
  • When it’s time to play your first match, you’ll receive a notification on your PS5 console.
  • If you win, you’ll progress to the next round! Check the time of your next match and wait for the notification to say it’s game time.

To sign up on PS4:

  • Go to the Events tab on your home screen.
  • Choose which contest you’re interested in from the list of upcoming tournaments.
  • Be online at the allotted time when your tournament is set to begin.

What are PlayStation Tournaments?

PlayStation tournaments are a set of organized events that players can join through their PS4 or PS5 consoles.

Tournaments are available to players of all skill levels, providing a challenge for veterans as well as a fun competition for newer players. Winners of these events can also expect to take home digital and real-world prizes from regular tournaments.

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Players who register on the official PlayStation Tournaments Discord channel can stay up to date on competition announcements. This free-to-join, moderated community is a great place to learn tips and tricks from other players or even set up private online matches.

Who can play in PlayStation Tournaments?

Skill level is no barrier to participate, but players will have to be a PlayStation Plus member to participate in the tournaments. In addition, in order to be eligible to participate in the tournament, players must own a copy of the game they are playing and meet the minimum age requirements to compete in their country of residence.

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For more information on how to sign up for PlayStation Plus and what membership plans are available you can visit the PlayStation website. Players can find more information about how to register and determine eligibility at

What games will Tournaments be offered for?

As of this writing, PlayStation has only confirmed three titles that it will be offering tournaments for: FIFA 23, NBA 2K23, and Guilty Gear Strive. In addition, tournaments for MLB The Show 23 are set to begin in May 2023.

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However, PlayStation is set to add more games to this list in the future so don’t be distraught if your favorite competitive title isn’t on the list yet.

What kind of prizes are available for PlayStation Tournament winners?

Players will be thrilled to learn that they can earn various prizes by winning, competing in, or placing in these tournaments.

Top prizes will often include real-world cash prizes or PlayStation Store credit that can be used to purchase new games. Other tournaments will have game-specific prizes that can include virtual currency you can redeem to unlock skins, season passes, and weapons in your favorite title.

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Other available prizes include PlayStation Plus subscriptions and trips to various major esports events. Finally, for select tournaments, Sony will also be offering console accessories as prizes including DualSense wireless controllers, PULSE 3D wireless headsets, and many more!

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