How the Baka Bros’ love of Call of Duty and Warzone paid off


The Baka Bros’ story proves sometimes a helping hand, hard work, and passion are enough to make it big. Dexerto Originals partners with Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ for an exclusive episode featuring the up-and-coming Warzone squad.

Becoming a successful battle royale content creator differs from other genres. Most streamers become famous through their personality and community-building. Battle royales, on the other hand, demand strong communication and good chemistry between teammates on and off the battlefield.

FaZe Santana, ‘Swagg,’ and ‘Booya’ formed the Nuke Squad together and found success creating Warzone content by pushing each other every day to do better. The same principle applies to team sports and Esports. CoD phenom ‘Shotzzy’ began his professional career with iconic players, ‘Clayster’ and ‘Crimsix,’ and they helped mold him into the star he is today.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Diaz ‘Biffle,’ Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres, and Austin ‘Lucky’ Chamu are all talented Warzone players, respectively, but without one another, everything crumbles.

Who are the Baka Bros?

When Warzone was announced in 2019, Repullze knew it was a golden opportunity for him and his friend Biffle.

“I told Biffle we need to lock in, and I want us to be the best players in the game.”

Warzone initially only offered up to trios, so Repullze told Biffle, “we are going to find someone to grind with and become the best in the world.”

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Repullze found his man by stumbling across Lucky on Twitter after he dropped a 150-kill game during a Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer match. Lucky teamed up with Repullze and Biffle, and the trio began playing tournaments together.

Call of Duty Warzone squadRaven Software/Activision
Communication is vital in Duos, Trios, and Quads if you want to come out on top.

Lucky shared details about his struggles early on.

“I couldn’t play custom games because my PS4 would overheat, so to keep the PS4 cool I used to have to get a paper towel, wet it, and then freeze it. From there, I would take off the cover of my PS4 and put it in there, and then swap every 10 minutes.”

It wasn’t always easy for Biffle either. Repullze recognized Biffle’s talent but wanted to see more desire and drive.

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“I told Biffle you don’t understand how good you are. I told him you are a wasted talent because you are the best at the game, but you don’t even play the game and don’t even want to play it.”

The trio finally got their break by forming a connection with one of the platform’s biggest faces.

NICKMERCS connection

The MFAM Gauntlet was a massive Warzone tournament hosted by NICKMERCS.

During Warzone’s heyday in 2020, popular streamer NICKMERCS hosted a weekly MFAM Gauntlet tournament featuring 100 trio teams.

Lucky tuned into Nick’s stream and signed up for the tournament as soon as possible. He was the first name chosen, opening the door for Biffle to shine.

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The trio placed fourth, but Biffle won MVP, catching NICKMERC’s attention. Nick needed a teammate in a tournament later that week, and he called upon the MFAM tournament MVP. Nick and Biffle hit it off, jumpstarting his career.

Biffle continued to ascend the ranks alongside Repullze and Lucky. In 2021, The Baka Bros signed with Complexity. As of September 2022, Biffle is the 10th highest-earning Warzone competitor.

Repullze admitted he doesn’t have the most talent but found happiness by supporting his teammates.

“I don’t care how far I go in this space, I care how far the Baka Bros go, and to me, it’s always going to be that.”

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Three friends that shared a love of Call of Duty and had no desire to stream achieved their dream of becoming top Warzone players.

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