DLive streamers explain why it’s the best place to start streaming

DLive streamersDLive

DLive is offering aspiring streamers the opportunity to grow in a new and unique way, and is becoming a more popular choice for up-and-coming content creators to try and make their way in the competitive world of livestreaming.

We spoke with two of the platform’s biggest stars, Nadexe and Jensee, to find out why they chose DLive, and why they think others should too.

What is unique about DLive that streamers can’t get anywhere else?

Nadexe: The DLive chest gives viewers back lemons (the currency used on the platform) which they can cash out or donate to other streamers.

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Jensee: I think that first and foremost it’s a more open and welcoming community. In that sense DLive differs greatly from other platforms – people here are friendly, open to experiments and overall kinder to the performer.

What are the biggest differences between streaming on DLive and other platforms?

Instagram: nadexe5.0
Nadexe can most commonly be found playing NBA 2K.

N: 25% of total donations are taken away from streamers, but aren’t taken by the DLive platform itself. Instead, it is put back into a crypto pool. There are tons of events and giveaways on DLive as well.

J: The people are open-minded and in search for something new, not something from a famous brand or something fashionable. Also, their responsiveness. With DLive, you can get help in minutes while on other platforms it takes weeks, and that’s if you ever get the response.

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How easy is it to build an audience and find success on DLive?

N: It’s easy to find an audience on DLive due to it being a smaller and newer platform, so it’s easier to be noticed and discovered.

J: It’s a work and it takes a lot of time, dedication, strategy and thoughtful implementation. But, sure, you will find your audience and eventually success here if you are hard working and consistent.

Jensee is a music creator, not a gamer. How does DLive help streamers of non-gaming content?

J: Streaming non-gaming content is a hard job even on the best days. Mainly because not much is happening on the video and people want action. But on DLive you can get to the front page regardless and show your work and performing skills because DLive staff is constantly looking out for something new and exciting.

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Jensee DLiveInstagram: jenseetv
Jensee is a music streamer on DLive.

Do you have any advice for aspiring streamers on why they should choose DLive?

N: Aspiring streamers should try DLive because it’s good for smaller streamers, who can all help each other out.

J: Improving yourself will improve your stream quality. Be consistent and have fun. DLive is a growing platform with a kind and helpful community. Here, you get feedback faster and if you are interesting and resourceful, you will be picked to be on the front page and that will help you grow.

Be sure to check out Nadexe and Jensee on DLive — and maybe you could try streaming on there, too.

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