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DJ Esports’ new DJ Wallet is breaking down crypto barriers

Published: 4/Jan/2022 14:47

by Dexerto


DJ Esports has been making waves in 2021 as the newest esports betting site on the market. With their unique all-crypto interface, users have never been more secure in their transactions. In an effort to further break down the barriers between esports and crypto, DJ Esports is excited to announce their new DJ Wallet.

By DJ Esports

What Is DJ Wallet?

The all-around esports wallet will be the key to educating the esports community about the fast-growing crypto element within the space. As the community and hype for crypto further integrate with online gaming and the Play-to-Earn model, there are many upcoming launches that esports fans will be able to take advantage of.


The DJ Wallet is one of the fastest, easiest ways to buy cryptocurrency. Users who already have crypto can now easily transfer over nearly a dozen supported coins directly into their DJ Wallet with some of the lowest transaction fees. Users who are new to crypto can also now purchase any supported coins with their fiat currency debit or credit card through Moonpay and instantly receive crypto directly into their DJ Wallet. All crypto deposits into a user’s DJ Wallet automatically earn up to 30% APY.

By allowing users to purchase crypto directly with fiat currency, DJ Esports gives Esports fans the easiest way to increase their personal participation in the games they love. Any funds in a user’s DJ Wallet can immediately be used to place bets on any match offered on the site and these funds can be withdrawn to any other wallet on any other platform.


DJ Esports DJ wallet app

What’s Next For DJ Esports?

Moving into 2022, DJ Esports has several new projects on the way aimed at bringing crypto and esports even closer together. In Q1 of 2022, DJ Esports will have a Version 2.0 of their website; offering faster service, more supported coin types, and a whole range of new features to make the entire process of buying and selling crypto even easier.

At the same time, storing crypto in a DJ Wallet not only generates daily compounded interest but will enable users to purchase a special crypto token when it is introduced in 2022. The ICO will be used to create an entirely new ecosystem that is being developed to be linked with this new Esports-specific coin. This will provide the most well-rounded features that cater to everything a gamer would need to be part of.


Stay tuned in early 2022 for more major announcements. In the meantime, be sure to join DJ Esports’ Discord server for all the most up-to-date information and to be the first to hear about new changes.