How to get Call of Duty Damascus camo IRL on your phone, laptop or console


The Damascus camo was the most sought-after camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), and now there is a way to get the elusive skin IRL, as dbrand is bringing it back for Warzone 2.

Unlocking the Damascus camo in Modern Warfare 2019 was a grueling grind. Players had to unlock every camo for every base weapon. MW2 brought back the camo grind race, replacing Damascus with Orion.

It took the first player who unlocked Orion camo around 42 hours of in-game time to unlock the elusive weapon skin. Fortunately, there is a far less painstaking process of getting Damascus camo in real life.

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If you missed out on unlocking Damascus camo in Modern Warfare 2019 or want to tap into nostalgia, dbrand is launching a Call of Duty-inspired Damascus skin for phones, laptops, and consoles.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on the prestigious camo.

The Damascus camo was initially featured in Modern Warfare 2019.

dbrand brings back “smash hit” Damascus camo

dbrand first launched Damascus as a limited design in 2021. After receiving requests to bring it back, the popular vinyl skins company is bringing the fan-favorite design back to celebrate the launch of Warzone 2.

The camo was crafted with holographic vinyl, adding a unique metallic sheen to any device you decide to place it on.

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Damascus will be available in three different colorways:

  1. The classic “Warzone,” directly inspired by the camouflage from Call of Duty
  2. “Acid,” which features neon greens on a black background
  3. “Obsidian,” a fully-holographic gunmetal colorway

Damascus is also coming as a dbrand Grip, joining the full lineup of premium phone cases.

Where to buy Damascus camo

The Damascus phone, laptop, or console camo can be purchased on dbrand’s website.

Every purchase includes a free skin in a non-holographic “Triple Black Damascus” colorway. Much like the name implies, it’s black.

Damascus camo release date

Damascus unlocks for purchase worldwide at midnight (EST) on November 25.