Young Link main becomes first Smash pro elected to Montana State Legislature

young link smash main elected in usFreePik/Nintendo

A former Smash pro has been elected to the Montana State Legislature after three-stocking her opponent in the polls.

On November 8, America voted and made history by electing Zooey Zephyr to the Montana House of Representatives, becoming the first Smash player to do so.

The Smash community first discovered Zephyr’s platform fighter past by digging up an old tweet where she discussed the Brawl mod Project M – a game she was very competitive in.

“I was prepared for post-election surprises. I was not prepared for the Smash community to find an old tweet about PM and hype me up,” she wrote following her victory.

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Smash pro elected in Montana State Legislature

According to Zephyr, she used to play Project M quite seriously and was traveling to super majors at one point to battle it out against the world’s best.

However, her Smash experience doesn’t stop at Project M. While she mained Ness in the Brawl mod, she also mains Young Link in Ultimate and how no plans on switching characters.

“He doesn’t sing to me like he does in PM. Something about the movement just feels different enough that I didn’t connect with him,” she said of Nes in Ult. “Young link though? Rushdown fighter that can zone if I want to be a brat? 10/10 no notes.”

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And she’s not bad with him at all. Just check out some of her gameplay with the Hero of Time she posted on Twitter.

Although she says she’s “real bad” at Melee, she did main Yoshi and Pikachu in Nintendo’s mascot fighting game sequel.

Despite the fact that Zephyr will have her hands full with politics going forward, she’s accepting challenges from anyone brave enough to step into her office.

“Don’t think I’ve fallen off just because I’m not competing anymore. If y’all ever come through Montana, you can catch these hands,” she said.

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If Zephyr does take competitors up on their offer, it could be quite the show and comparable to a dentist who offers free cleanings to patients who are able to best him at Smash.

Whether or not Zephyr will be political decisions on the line, however, remains to be seen.