What to expect from the September 2019 Nintendo Direct


September’s Pokemon Sword and Shield – there’s a lot we could see from the stream.

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The upcoming Nintendo Direct will be broadcast on September 4, starting at 3pm PT (11pm BST, 6pm EST, and 8am AEST on September 5). 

The Nintendo Direct will be livestreamed on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, and you can watch along with us on Dexerto as well.

NintendoSword and Shield is the next new Pokemon game, coming in November 2019.
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What do we know is coming?

There’s a ton of possibilities for what could come out of September’s Nintendo Direct, but two games have been confirmed by Nintendo as certain inclusions: Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with Luigi’s Mansion 3. 

The next installment of the Pokemon video game franchise is set for a November 15 release and so far there have been a number of new additions to the Pokedex already revealed

We could get more details on Gooigi from the next Nintendo Direct, if we’re lucky.
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the other game besides Pokemon we know will be featured in the Direct. We already saw gameplay from the title at Gamescom 2019, but that doesn’t mean there’s not more new content to show off.

The next new Smash character was confirmed to be from an SNK title following leaks earlier in the week, but whether or not we’ll get any info on that during the September Direct remains unknown.

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What could be announced?

Another possibility for the September 4 Direct is Overwatch coming to Switch. This theory really gained traction online after an Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case was briefly listed on Amazon before being removed.

A Nintendo Direct would be the perfect time to reveal Overwatch was headed to Switch and build the hype up, but so far nothing official has come out on a possible port.

Blizzard has already worked with Nintendo to bring Diablo to the system, so Overwatch on Switch might not be that far-fetched.

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AmazonThe Amazon post that started a firestorm of rumors and speculation.
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There could be a lot of big news coming from the September 4 Nintendo Direct, but to find out exactly what it is, Nintendo fans will have to tune in and find out.