Smash Ultimate pro reveals “dogs**t” hitboxes that need updating for next game

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro player Charliedaking pointed out how ridiculous hitboxes can be while streaming on Twitch.

Smash Ultimate is a game known for having some strange interactions. Ultimate has over 80 characters and dozens of stages, which can lead to the occasional interaction in-game that doesn’t always make sense.

Although some of these interactions can be inconsequential, Smash pro-player Charliedaking has pointed out how the strangeness of the game’s hitboxes hurts the game overall.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster currently sits at 81 characters.

Ultimate’s hitbox problem

Charlie pointed out how the specific Ultimate can be with the game’s hitboxes. In the clip, Charlie, controlling his main character in Wolf, attempts to grab R.O.B, only he’s unable to grab him in point-blank range. R.O.B’s idle animation has him drop his chest slightly lower, and right into a place where Wolf can grab him from the same range.

Charlie says in the clip, “This game’s hitboxes are ay too f**king specific for a game where you can’t run past people. I like that you can’t run past people, but some of the side effects are dogs**t and this is one of them. There are so many spots where you get pushed back and can’t grab someone because of their hurtboxes are so specific in a game where you can’t get that close to opponents sometimes. It’s really dumb.”

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The hitboxes of characters are clearly incredibly specific to a character’s body, as R.O.B’s idle animations are changing his hitbox, a type of in-game interaction that doesn’t appear in many other fighting games.

There are certainly a handful of changes Smash fans would love to see in future Smash titles, and more consistency when it comes to hitboxes is at the top of that list.

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