Smash Ultimate pro mortified after his mom uses rival’s name as Wifi password

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Hungrybox mom's wifi password smash rival

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Tyler ‘Marss’ Martins was left absolutely perplexed and shocked after finding out his mother changed her Wifi password to a rival’s tag.

If you’ve ever played any online game growing up, chances are you’ve heard trash talk involving someone’s mother and having relations with her. It’s super common at this point, but Marss’ mom really dialed things up a notch.

During Thanksgiving on November 25, Marss was celebrating with his family when he wanted to get online – because who wouldn’t rather surf the web than reconnect with loved ones – and asked about the Wifi password.

In doing so, he went down a path that left him paralyzed – something the Zero Suit Samus main knows about all too well.

ZSS in ultimate
Thanksgiving got weird for the Zero Suit Samus main.

Smash pro’s mom changes Wifi password to rival tag

On Twitter, Marss posted a screenshot of his text conversation with his mother. It started off innocently enough with him asking what time dinner would be at, to which she replied “around 2.”

Now, why anyone would be eating dinner at 2pm is a mystery in itself. It’s 2pm. That’s a late lunch, at best.

In any case, it’s the second series of texts that really caught people off guard. After asking what the Wifi password was, his mother replied, “hungrybox488.”

Hungrybox has a “connection” with Smash pro’s mom

Immediately, Marss screengrabbed the text and posted it on Twiter to confront Melee pro-Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma.

“Explain why you’re my mom’s wifi password dammit,” he asked, tagging the Jigglypuff main.

In the replies, fans of both players offered up their reasons why this could be with hilarious responses.

“Maybe he got his tag from your mom’s wifi password?” caster Hazmatt suggested. “Crazy, that’s our wifi password too,” joked Marss’ org Panda Global.

Eventually, Hungrybox offered up his own explanation, quote tweeting the screenshot with, “I guess we just had a really good connection.”

He admitted this was a joke, but suggested that it was possible the password was auto-generated and his mom decided to use it.

The Wifi debacle didn’t make Thanksgiving dinner with the Martins an awkward experience. Still, having a rival content creator as your mom’s password has got to sting just a little bit.

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