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Smash Ultimate “M Theory” suggests DLC fighter will be from M-rated game

Published: 12/Aug/2020 18:14

by Michael Gwilliam


A character from a mature-rated franchise could be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, if a new popular theory proves to be accurate.

“M Theory” implies that the use of franchise logos are enough to warrant an ESRB age rating adjustment in promotional material.


There are a couple of examples where this comes into play. Notably, the use of the Assassin’s Creed and Fallout Mii Fighter costumes.

In the North American versions of the Mii Fighter trailers and character presentations for Byleth and Min Min, the ratings for the material is Everyone 10+ to Teen. Additionally, the Smash Ultimate x Assassin’s Creed logo is replaced with Altair.

The Smash Ultimate x Altair logo
In North America, Assassin’s Creed was replaced with Altair.

Meanwhile, the Vault Boy Mii Fighter doesn’t have the Fallout logo in the North American trailer.

These details are key, because, in the European versions of the trailers, the Fallout and Assassin’s Creed logos appear. It should be noted that different parts of the world use different rating systems and practices.

This seems to indicate that an M-rated game logo can warrant a change in how the content is presented. Both Assassin’s Creed and Fallout are mature-rated franchises so their presence could make Nintendo put an ‘M’ in their ads. Placing Altair and Vault Boy in their place seems to be a way to work around that problem.

The Smash Ultimate Assassin's Creed logo
In other parts of the world, Assassin’s Creed showed up normally.

Will Fighters Pass Vol 2 have an M-rated game character?

An upcoming fighter could be from an M-rated game given how the DLC fighters are presented in ads. The North American version of the Min Min video doesn’t have the ARMS logo in the Fighters Pass Volume 2 screen. However, it was present in the other versions of the same video.

For the sake of consistency, Nintendo may want all the logos to be present once more fighters are announced. So, not being able to show one would make Nintendo not show any logos at all.

An ESRB spokesperson told Dexerto that while they don’t rate ads, they enforce “industry-adopted advertising and marketing guidelines administered by the Advertising Review Council (ARC), but does not comment publicly about individual ads.”

Min Min's Fighters Pass Volume 2 screen
The ARMS logo appears in the UK Min Min video, but not the North American one.

“The rating icons that appear in ads reflect the ratings of the product promoted in them, not the rating for the ad itself. When a compilation icon appears it’s typically because multiple rated products are promoted in an ad,” the spokesperson said.

It’s possible that we could be seeing the likes of Doomguy, Dante or even Master Chief show up in Smash.


While this is all just a theory right now, the evidence in its favor seems to be stacking up. We can’t wait to see what ends up happening with the five remaining Smash Ultimate DLC slots.


Smash Ultimate community divided over Minecraft Steve fighter reveal

Published: 1/Oct/2020 18:39 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 18:55

by Brent Koepp


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community was left divided after it was revealed that Minecraft protagonist Steve would be the next character to join the fight. While some were excited for the major crossover, others – including esports pros – were less enthusiastic about the upcoming DLC.

Smash Bros Ultimate made its debut in 2018, and over two years later has continued to evolve into what is the biggest franchise crossover in gaming history. From Persona to Final Fantasy – the Nintendo Switch title has it all.


On October 1, it was announced that Mojang’s iconic Minecraft series would be the next join the beloved fighting game. However, not everyone in the community is thrilled about Steve’s inclusion, including EVO champion Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Pérez.

minecraft steve in smash ultimate
YouTube: Nintendo
The iconic Minecraft protagonist joins Smash Ultimate as its next fighter.

Smash community torn over Minecraft DLC fighter

On October 1, Nintendo announced that Smash Ultimate’s next DLC would be Steve from Minecraft. This marks the second collaboration that Microsoft has had with the title, as Banjo & Kazooie was added in 2019.


While many fans were excited by the iconic mascot’s addition to the roster, others were left conflicted over the Mojang protagonist’s inclusion.

For instance, popular esports pro and 2019 EVO champion, MkLeo, took to social media to voice his disappointment. “OK! i decided to not post my reaction to this bs cuz minecraft fans are gonna come after me for not liking this thing omg so pissed.”

mkleo tweet
Twitter: @Mkleosb
MkLeo wasn’t enthusiastic about the Minecraft DLC.

The Joker main also added, “its ok, there are still 4 spots! Dont lose faith.” The pro was not alone – other fans voiced their disappointments as well, such as one user who exclaimed, “What an absolute joke the last few dlc characters have been trash add this “character” to that list.” Another player agreed and said, “What kind of trash is this. Where’s our Sora, 2B, or Dante. Bro nobody want this.”

minecraft smash tweets
Smash Ultimate fans were not happy with the Minecraft reveal, either.

Popular fighting game content creator Maximilian ‘Maximilian Dood’ Christiansen also shared his disappointment on YouTube. “I don’t f**king believe it. I’m going to turn this stream off right now. Going to turn this s**t off. I get it. An iconic character. I get it. I genuinely understand Sakurai, it doesn’t mean I have to like it. But I understand.”

Despite the negative reactions, not everyone was down on the Minecraft DLC. Team Liquid’s Samuel ‘Dabuz’ Buzby praised the announcement and said, “This wild ride is exactly what I paid for with Fighter’s Pass 2. Give me chaos, no boring expected reveals.” Legendary Smash pro Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris also celebrated the reveal by changing his profile pic to the Minecraft fighter and tweeted, “I changed my mind” in response to a 2019 tweet he had made about the Mojang title.

smash pros minecraft tweets
Smash pros weighed in.

Regardless of how you feel about the new DLC fighter, there is no denying that Minecraft has become one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time. So much so that in 2014, Microsoft dropped over $2.4 billion to acquire it.


Smash Ultimate is, at the end of the day, a celebration of the industry. As many players pointed out, the Mojang mascot’s inclusion was surely inevitable given the property’s importance.