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Nintendo teases early Pyra & Mythra release with Smash Ultimate patch 11.0.0 warning

Published: 3/Mar/2021 4:09

by Andrew Amos


Could Pyra & Mythra be coming to Smash Ultimate early? Nintendo has teased their imminent release by warning players about the launch of patch 11.0.0 in the coming days.

Pyra and Mythra are coming to Smash Ultimate. The Xenoblade duo aren’t two separate fighters, but rather two parts of a whole who can be swapped in-and-out.

From the early gameplay footage available, Pyra will dominate the battlefield with flame attacks, while Mythra is a more typical sword user.

We might be getting our hands on them earlier than expected though.

The Smash Ultimate Twitter account put out a statement on March 2, warning players of the upcoming patch 11.0.0. The number indicates the release of the duo as part of a new cycle.


“Patch 11.0.0 will be delivered in the near future,” the tweet said, according to a translation. “Please note that if you update, you may not be able to play saved replays.”

The Pyra and Mythra full presentation is penned for March 4, which means the patch could drop just after the announcement. The presentation is expected to take 35 minutes, going through the backstories of the new fighters, as well as a full showcase of their abilities.

However, they might not be available right off the bat. Instead, they could be launched just like Sephiroth, the last DLC fighter.

Sephiroth in Smash Ultimate
Smash Ultimate players could unlock Sephiroth early by completing an in-game challenge. Pyra & Mythra could get the same.

The Final Fantasy character was introduced in an in-game challenge, which players could complete to unlock him early. A similar mode could be on the way for Pyra & Mythra, giving players early access with a little bit of effort.


An exact release date for Pyra & Mythra will be revealed during the presentation. We will keep you updated as more information arises.