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Smash Ultimate September 4 5.0.0 patch notes – all fighter adjustments

Published: 5/Sep/2019 0:17 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 10:16

by Alan Bernal


The 5.0.0. patch update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on September 4 is going to bring major changes for Hero, while introducing Banjo-Kazooie, along with a host of balances.

As Nintendo gear up for the end of their five-character Fighter Pass, the devs have been hard at work to temper some of the biggest problems in the game.


Even though there’s been a huge wave of criticisms primarily aimed at Hero, the devs will also be changing up elements to basic movement while fixing some of the game’s more problematic bugs to deal with.

NintendoNintendo is changing how some of Hero’s abilities effect the fight.

Hero Specials are getting tweaked

Previously there was a major wave of backlash for how the second DLC fighter Hero mixed into the game, since his ability kit is heavily reliant on RNG mechanics.


Though Nintendo are focusing more on specific spells like Magic Burst and Kafrizz rather than the entire subset of moves that come with his Command Selection.

Kafrizz can now be guarded against with a shield, as well as a reflect or absorb ability after it explodes by hitting a fighter or stage.

Meanwhile, opponents will now be in the damage animation for a bit longer after getting hit with the initial strike of Magic Burst.


NintendoBanjo-Kazooie are sure to shine in the Smash Bros. roster.

Banjo-Kazooie are now in Smash!

The game’s roster now includes the brand new fighter Banjo-Kazooie, who will definitely be a popular character for a lot of people to try and main.

Rare’s iconic duo are now in the Smash lineup following the September 4 Nintendo Direct, which had a host of announcements including which character will be coming next in the Fighter Pass.

It’s going to be interesting if the Banjo-Kazooie will be a top tier character right out of the gates, since players will have to adapt to the new set of moves.


NintendoThe dynamic duo are sure to bring the heat after the Smash 5.0.0 update.

Basic Movement changes

Speaking of new moves, the Smash Bros. devs are tuning some of the more fluid components of the game to make some inputs more purposeful in practice.

Dodging as soon as players land back on the stage is a key element of staying alive when getting pressured. But players should look out since now “you will only dodge after landing if you input the direction after landing.”

NintendoDodging when landing back on the stage might get a little tricky.

Meaning no more holding down the shield button before you land to execute an immediate roll.

Furthermore, the devs “adjusted” the time to move again after grab parrying to make it more “consistent.”

There are a few key points to unpack in the September 4 patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo.

Fighter Move Change
Common for All Fighters Basic Movements Previously, if you were in the air and held the shield button and input left, right, or down, and then continued to hold the shield button until you landed, you would dodge in the direction input upon landing. 
Now, you will only dodge after landing if you input the direction after landing.
Common for All Fighters Basic Movements Adjusted the time until you can move again after grab parrying to be consistent.
Yoshi Basic Movements Made it so that you can grab using input buffering after dodging, like other fighters.
Peach Up Special Made it easier to hit multiple times.
Daisy Up Special Made it easier to hit multiple times.
Ice Climbers Basic Movements Restored Nana’s ability to steal edge grabs.
Villager Up Smash Attack Buried opponents will now be shot up and hit multiple times.
Rosalina & Luma Other Hero’s Snooze will no longer prevent Luma from being controlled, similar to other instances of sleep.
Joker Other Adjusted the time it takes to move again to match other fighters when bouncing while lying facedown.
Hero Neutral Special After Kafrizz hits a fighter or the stage and explodes, it can now be guarded against with a shield, reflected, or absorbed.
Hero Down Special Increased the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation when hit at the beginning of Magic Burst.
Hero Other Adjusted the time it takes to move again to match other fighters when bouncing while lying facedown.
Category Item Name Change
Item Smash Ball Slowed the movement speed and made it easier to hit with attacks.

Minecraft Smash Ultimate leaker teases Ryu Hayabusa DLC fighter

Published: 6/Oct/2020 20:01

by Michael Gwilliam


An established Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaker who has leaked several of the game’s fighters before and after launch, including Minecraft’s Steve, has returned with some comments on Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa.

Vergeben, who is one of the most reputable leakers in the Smash community having leaked many of the game’s fighters, was asked about rumors of Hayabusa joining the roster.


The Ninja Gaiden protagonist has long been a fan-favorite to join the Nintendo fighting game, and has even been rumored. Amusingly, he had been discussed even before Fighters Pass Volume 2, along with Minecraft content.

“I remember you mentioned in the past that you heard that there were talks about Ryu Hayabusa being one of the fighters but in the end, he may have been delayed to enter the second wave of DLC,” a user remarked the leaker on GameFaqs.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden in Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Volume 2
Koei Tecmo/Nintendo
Ryu has been rumored for a long time.

“Now that Minecraft content finally came and as how Sakurai mentioned he reworked all stages to add the blocks gimmick to the game, it is possible that Hayabusa may also be coming?” the user asked.

To this, Vergeben simply replied: “Stay tuned?”

“I’ll keep looking into it. But the discussions did happen with Koei Tecmo in regards to Smash,” he continued, seemingly confirming that Koei Tecmo was in fact in talks to bring a character to the game.

Leaker comments on Ryu coming to Smash
The leaker has teased news coming with Koei Tecmo in Smash.

He further added that due to Nintendo’s positive relationship with Koei Tecmo, it’s unlikely that the discussions “ fell through and didn’t result in anything.”

As it’s been established, the discussions to get Minecraft into Smash took five years, so it’s clear that adding certain characters can be a long process.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden staring at castle
Ninja Gaiden has a history on Nintendo consoles.

This all said, the discussions with Koei Tecmo may also have potentially resulted in a different representative joining Smash Ultimate such as a character from Dead or Alive, Fatal Frame, or even Dynasty Warriors.


Only time will tell if this ends up being yet another thing that Vergeben has been right about.