Smash pro Hungrybox amazed by Melee mod that makes his logo a fighter

Hungrybox plays Smash as his logoTwitch/hungrybox

Super Smash Bros Melee pro Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma was blown away by an incredible mod that transformed his beloved main Jigglypuff into a brand-new fighter: his own logo!

When it comes to individual player brands, Hungrybox’s logo is one of the most famous. As a box with teeth, it sums up Debiedma’s tag perfectly and is so simple, yet brilliant.

One other benefit to the logo’s simplicity is that it can easily be transformed, or rather, things can transform into it. That’s exactly what happened with a special mod that turns Jigglypuff into Hungrybox.

The mod, dubbed Hungrybox Puff, was created by Vancouver-based designer Primal. While it’s not a competitively viable mod, due to the fact it doesn’t have arms or legs, it does work online when playing on Slippi.

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During a May 4 Twitch stream, Hungrybox decided to take the mod out for a spin and needless to say, he was wildly impressed.

After first loading up and queuing into a match, he freaked out at the “versus” screen that showed off the fighter skin in all its glory.

“Ahh!” he cried in glee. “It worked!”

While it took some time for the Melee God to adjust to the new fighter model, he was extremely impressed by how seamless the whole experience was.

“That’s actually so sick,” he grinned from ear to ear while continuing to battle his Fox opponent in the classic Melee matchup.

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Even hitting Puff’s signature Rest technique, a move he had landed countless times in the past, had new meaning considering he did so while playing as his logo.

It’s not every day that someone sees a mod of themselves or their brand modded into a fighting game, but it’s clear that Hungrybox enjoyed every moment of it. Given the potential of mods and Primal’s talent, the sky’s the limit.

Previously, the modder had even added Nikes to Falco and Fox’s fighter models while transforming Pokemon Stadium into a Los Angeles Lakers NBA home game.

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Could we see other Smash pros, such as Leffen, Mango and Mew2King, in Melee down the line? We can only hope.