Smash players want Ultimate Deluxe edition instead of Smash 6 on next Nintendo console

mario, samus, hero, link and fox fight off evil in smash brosNintendo

Super Smash Bros players are hoping that Nintendo decides to update Ultimate with a Deluxe edition instead of making a whole new game the next console.

Smash Ultimate was one of the biggest crossover games in history with over 70 fighters from numerous IPs duking it out. With Sephiroth, Sora, Mario, Link, Ryu, Joker and more, Ultimate went hard.

Although the game wrapped up production shortly after Fighters Pass 2 concluded, much to the chagrin of those wanting to ban Minecraft Steve, the success of Ultimate has made fans hopeful for more content.

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In a series of posts making rounds on social media, some big names in the Smash world are predicting and pleading with Nintendo that when its new console releases, it’ll be a deluxe edition of Ultimate.

Smash players don’t want Nintendo to make Smash 6

In response to a post suggesting that a new Smash game might release in 2024-2025, numerous players spoke up about how it would be better if more content was added to Ultimate.

“This may be a semi-unpopular opinion but I’d rather they just release a Deluxe edition of Smash Ultimate for the next system (whenever that may be) with new characters/stages/etc,” YouTuber RogersBase wrote.

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Team Liquid star Hungrybox added to this, predicting that the next Smash would be announced in 2025, but it would be a revamped version of Ultimate.

“It WON’T be Smash 6, it will be Ultimate Deluxe with all characters + stages unlocked as well as 10 new characters & 15 new stages included,” he said. “It will be released for a ‘Switch Pro’ – like console, in 4K potentially.”

Hungrybox justified this prediction by citing the success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo’s history of “repackaging” existing games.

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“With Sakurai more or less done, this provides the same profit with 1/20th of the overhead cost,” he explained. “You, me, and everyone you know who loves and plays Smash will buy that game as quickly as they would a brand new Smash title.”

In the comments, more players agreed with HBox’s take stating how Mario Kart 8 set a blueprint that the company can follow.

Of course, we’ll have to see just what Nintendo ends up doing, but an updated version of Ultimate could be the perfect way for players to keep everything without losing out on content with a Smash 6.

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