Smash player shocked to find Uber driver is actually hated fighter’s voice actor

Meta Knight in Smash BrawlNintendo

A Super Smash Bros. player was surprised to discover that his Uber driver was actually the voice behind a notoriously overpowered fighter from Smash Brawl.

The Smash community is one of the most dedicated fanbases around, pouring hours into the fighting game to learn every character’s unique moves and quirks.

After over 20 years and dozens of fighters, the most dedicated fans will have spent weeks getting to know each character like the back of their hand, and their voice lines will be etched on their brain forever.

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This dedication paid off for one lucky player, as he recognized that the man driving his Uber was actually the voice of one of the series’ most infamous characters.

Reddit user PhoonTFDB uploaded a selfie of himself and his taxi driver, who turned out to be Eric Newsome — the voice of Metaknight since Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The character first appeared in Kirby’s Adventure in 1993, before featuring in subsequent Kirby titles both as a villain and a playable anti-hero. Eric Newsome assumed the role of the character when he joined the Smash roster as a fighter in 2008, and has voiced him in three games to date.

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Newsome is also responsible for the voice of Panther Caroso, a Trophy in Brawl, and Bowser in Super Paper Mario in 2006, after Scott Burnes left the role and before Kenny James took over.

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Although Meta Knight has appeared in both the 3DS/Wii U version of Smash and Smash Ultimate, fans will best know Meta Knight from Brawl. The fighter remains one of the most overpowered in the game, and has been banned from multiple tournaments since 2008.

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Not only is he extremely mobile and a tough target to hit, he can also make use of incredibly powerful combos, as well as his infamous Shuttle Loop up special.

His years of dominating the Smash scene clearly hadn’t been forgotten, with the replies poking fun at the characters OP nature.

“Redefining the shuttle loop meta huh?” said one reply. “Come back when you’ve been banned in tournaments,” joked another.

Despite the characters reputation, this was a nice one moment between a Smash fan and voive actor that both will surely remember.

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