Smash God Mang0 stuns Melee fans by flaunting Falco “secret” in epic comeback

melee mang0 cloud9via Inven Global

Smash God Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez stunned his Twitch viewers after an epic 3-stock comeback with Falco that he live commentated as it was happening.

The Kid still has some game left in the tank. While practicing against CLG’s Zachary ‘SFAT’ Cordoni, the Cloud9 Smash legend found himself in a bit of a hole with his last remaining stock against four.

At 178% damage, taking off the first stock from SFAT was more of a formality and a comeback from being down three stocks to one in a practice match is nothing to get hyped about.

But what did excite his Twitch stream was how Mang0 did it.

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mang0 meleeRobert Paul
Mang0 showed Twitch fans how he can switch on his tournament form on a dime.

During the match, he was frank about how he would play a 1-3 scenario in an actual tournament, especially with Falco.

“I actually do think Falco is secretly a comeback character,” he said, while taking off another stock to bring it down 1-2. “Cause if you’re down three stocks to one but you can start getting a little bit of momentum — Cause Falco goes crazy when he has momentum.

“Falco momentum is crazy af. Like I think this is winnable. In tournament, I wouldn’t give up here. I’d put myself off-stage–”

He cut off what he was saying to translate his thoughts into gameplay: taking his Falco off the stage to draw SFAT near to then lay down a cross-stage combo to make it 1-1.

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At this point, Mang0 was feeling himself and even calling out what his opponent would do next. But down 95% to SFAT’s 0%, the C9 pro knew what he needed in order to win: “I got to go for a big gamble.”

That’s when he double Shined SFAT and followed him off the stage with a down air to complete the comeback and capped off the moment by saying, “I’m the best player of all time.”

That capped off the clip that made his Twitch audience go wild and showed why you can’t ever count out the Kid when he’s on one.

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