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Smash Bros Ultimate patch 4.0.0 is live with Hero, tournament mode, more

Published: 31/Jul/2019 1:19 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 14:00

by Michael Gwilliam


The latest patch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has gone live with all sorts of updates including the latest fighter, Hero from Dragon Quest, available for download as of July 30.

Below are a list of notes for the Switch’s flagship fighter provided by Nintendo.

  •  Very Easy difficulty has been added to Adventure mode.
  •  Snapshots can be added to the time line in Edit Video. Only snapshots taken via the pause menu can be used; screenshots taken using the Capture Button cannot be used. In addition, snapshots taken from custom stages cannot be used.

It’s quite surprising to see a new difficulty added to Adventure mode so late into the game’s lifespan, but it’s an option Nintendo clearly thought was worth introducing.

  •  Steel, grass, sponge, paper, and yarn terrains have been adjusted in Stage Builder. After this update, stages created in versions 3.1.0 and older may behave differently. In addition, the way thumbnails are displayed has been adjusted.
  •  The following spirits will appear in the Shop on the Vault menu:

– Slime

– Dracky

– Great Sabrecub

– Golem

– Liquid Metal Slime

– Cetacea

– Hero’s Comrades


  •  Online Tourney mode has been added. While a tourney is open, please check rules and more within Online Tourney.
  • A Support function to predict the winner of a Spectate battle and earn points has been added. The points can be exchanged for in-game items and gold.
  • Videos can now be played repeatedly in Shared Content. In addition, a Yeah! will be added automatically whenever you save posted content.

Note: A paid membership to the Nintendo Switch Online service is needed to use these features. Please also see “Notice about Online Play” for more details.

More options for online play are always encouraged. Tournaments were added slightly later on for the Wii U version of Smash Bros as well, but some players have been disappointed with how casual the rulesets are. 


The following downloadable content will be usable after purchase:

  •  Hero Challenger Pack
  •  Erdrick’s Helmet + Armour
  • Martial Artist Wig + Gi
  • Veronica’s Hat + Outfit
  • Slime Hat

You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).

  •  When the FS Meter is fully charged, you will be unable to unleash the Final Smash if you don’t use it within a set period of time.

Note: This change will not affect Spirits mode.

  • Game balance adjustments have been made. Please see the official website for details of fixes and changes to fighters.
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience. 

Tyler1 amazes Smash Ultimate pros after battling MkLeo on Twitch

Published: 28/Nov/2020 1:38

by Andrew Amos


Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp faced off against the number one Smash Ultimate player, Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ López Pérez, in what was meant to be a fun T1 crossover. Instead, the League challenger got to work, trash talking and smashing about the best in the world.

Tyler1 doesn’t do anything by halves. He’s loud, and has the personality to match. He revs up his Twitch stream to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans daily, who are there not for the gameplay, but for the Tyler1 ride.

Those who caught the streamer’s November 27 cast were certainly in for a ride. The League of Legends star collided with Smash Ultimate’s biggest name, MkLeo.

It makes sense a crossover between the two was inevitable ⁠— with both being part of prestigious organization T1 ⁠— but the action exceeded everyone’s expectations. Of course, Tyler1 got trounced by MkLeo. However, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t able to get a stock or two, and the League streamer let the Smash pro know about it.

“Leo, I don’t think you’re that good dude. How bad are Smash players if I almost f**king beat you,” Tyler1 said, while struggling to get more than half a stock on average every game.

MkLeo didn’t take it lying down though. “You’re so bad that you’re really good at the same time,” he hit back with.

Tyler1 kept frying the big fish though. Next on his stop of trash talk was Leffen. “Leffen is a scrawny p*ssy a** b*tch. Kid sucks at f**king Smash. Rages at a children’s game, f**king loser,” he said, which had MkLeo in stitches. He had enough slaptalk for Samsora and other pros too.

Fans were also treated to some iconic Tyler1 reactions, and there was none bigger than the streamer’s bewilderment at Arsene, Joker’s Persona. “What the hell is that? Did you just enter a cheat code, bud? Are you cheating?”

After it was all said and done though, the crossover did what it intended to do. It united the League of Legends and Smash communities, and entertained everyone in the crossover that no one really wanted, but they definitely enjoyed.

“Playing and chilling with [Tyler1] really made me realize what it is to be a streamer and a gamer. Loved his personality and him as a person, looking forward to more collaborations like these,” MkLeo said on Twitter.

“T1 playing smash with Leo was actually so godlike. Makes me actually want to play league more and see if I can get to further than Masters,” Samsora also added on Twitter.

Tyler1 kept his side of the story nice and quaint though: “It was pretty fun.”