Smash Bros legend ZeRo roasts Ninja’s “painful” Ultimate gameplay


Super Smash Bros icon Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios blasted several celebrities for their “painful” Ultimate gameplay, including Fortnite superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

In a new YouTube video, the retired Smash pro pulled up a clip of Ninja taking on Jimmy Fallon during a segment on The Tonight Show.

“Ninja has actually mentioned Smash quite a couple times on stream, and everyone probably remembers his tweet where he was like, ‘Smash community, I’m about to do the big stuff, watch out,’ and he never did anything,” ZeRo recalled.

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A lot of celebrities play Smash Bros.

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As it turned out, however, Nintendo gave the Fortnite star some trouble setting up the event and was in talks with Red Bull to get a tournament of sorts off the ground, though nothing has been announced since.

In their battle (timestamp 13:20 for mobile viewers) Blevins picked Cloud – a fighter he had some love for as a big Final Fantasy fan.

Fallon went on to pick Joker – who was the newest DLC character at the time, something ZeRo thought was a bit suspicious as if it was in Nintendo’s interest for a new fighter to get some exposure.

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“Fortnite Ninja, what you doing?” Barrios laughed as he saw the Mixer star charge an F-Smash super early on while Joker wasn’t anywhere near him.

“So far we’re flipping the C-stick, come on, I expected better from the best pro gamer of all time.”

As the match continued, Ninja seemed visibility confused as to where his character was and how the stage worked – something ZeRo couldn’t help but poke fun at the streamer for.

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ZeRo even called out PewDiePie’s Smash gameplay.

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“I thought you wrote a book!” Barrios mocked, referencing ‘Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming.’ “What do you mean you never played this level before?”

Throughout the video, the Smash legend also poked fun at Zelda Williams, Teen Wolf star Stephen Ford, Conan O’Brien and even PewDiePie, the latter of which played a modded version of Smash 64 with Xbox controllers.

Hopefully, Ninja’s Smash tournament gets off the ground, or we eventually see some sort of collaboration between the Mixer and Facebook Gaming superstars.

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