Simple Smash Ultimate trick lets Link double his damage

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The very nature of fighting games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate forces players to look for that one percent advantage they might have over opponents, and with a simple trick, Link can double his damage. 

The future of Smash looks pretty uncertain right now, with Masahiro Sakurai confirming on multiple occasions that Fighters Pass Vol. 2 will mark the end of DLC.

So, it looks like the conveyer belt of new talent is ending, giving the community the chance to go and play some characters they wouldn’t usually main. As for Link, the Zelda figure is split into a few forms in Ultimate, including Young Link, Toon Link, and just Link.

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The three of them are high in many tier lists players have posted online, and he’s certainly a strong fighter to play with.

Links attacks Ganondorf in SmashNintendo
Link has multiple forms in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

How to deal more damage with Link in Smash Ultimate

For those who aren’t in on a certain technique you can use to double his damage per hit, however, there is room for improvement.

According to a Reddit post, many of us have been firing his arrows in the wrong way for a long time.

A user posted: “This may already be known. But if you pick up an arrow with Link and shoot it he shoots two arrows,” much to the astonishment of some Smash players in the comments.

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As the image shows above, you can double up your arrows with Link to deal double the damage – if you know what you’re doing.

The top comment reads: “You wanna know what I didn’t know? This,” as another posted a second combat tip: “You could also throw the arrow too, even combo with it.”

So, next time you jump into Smash Ultimate, just know that your enemies using Link might have a slight advantage. It’s worth looking out for.

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