Pyra could be Smash Ultimate’s first-ever heavyweight DLC fighter

Pyra in Smash UltimateNintendo

Xenoblade’s Pyra was revealed as the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter during the February 17 Nintendo Direct, and as it turns out, she may actually be the game’s first-ever heavyweight DLC.

Smash DLC was first introduced back in the previous game on the Wii U and has continued with Ultimate, but until this point, none of the new characters have been heavyweights.

For most heavyweight characters, they find themselves as combo fodder for the rest of the cast with the benefit of increased durability and decreased knockback due to their weight (not to mention they hit hard to make up for their slow attacks).

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While Pyra may not look too heavy, canonically, she actually is. As showcased from a clip from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, when Rex tries to pull her up, he has a hard time doing so because of her weight.

Pyra hits MarioNintendo
Pyra looks like she packs a punch.

This is interesting, because Pyra is a very unique fighter, being a two-in-one situation and sharing a slot with Mythra – meaning the two could very well have different weight properties.

Smash has done this before with Pokemon Trainer having different weights for Charizard, Ivysaur and Squirtle.

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“I believe Pyra will be our first female heavyweight since Samus, but that Mythra will be middle to lightweight!” Redditor Blablablablitz predicted.

“Considering that the website is treating them like two different characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had different weights,” chimed in another in the comments. “My guess is that Pyra is slower but hits harder, while Mythra is overall weaker but faster. Hopefully, they’ll balance it in a way that doesn’t make one much better than the other.”

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This point is also worth noting, because the Smash website does in fact list Pyra as fighter 79 while Mythra is fighter 80. Despite being two-in-one, the two share one spot in the Fighters Pass.

We should be learning much more about the two newest DLC fighters in the coming weeks, potentially in a Sakurai Presents stream before their release sometime in March.

With Pyra’s reveal, there are just two more DLC spots remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2. Hopefully, we’ll learn who they are by the time E3 rolls around and Nintendo holds its next presentation.

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