Pokemon Sword & Shield leaker reveals possible Smash Ultimate DLC info

. 2 years ago
Smash Crash Bandicoot

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s next fighter fast approaching, some supposed leaks are beginning to surface that further hint at the identity of the mysterious 7th DLC.

Now, a new leak on Reddit has shared some information that could help nail down when the character will show up and who they are.

In a post by Redditor ‘Mazzie223’, the user claimed that a Pokemon Sword and Shield presentation would be happening soon. As it turns out, Nintendo announced that the presentation for the Crown Tundra expansion would be taking place on September 29.

Due to the fact that piece of information turned out to be accurate, it’s possible that the rest of the leaks shared by Mazzie223 are legitimate, though as always, take them with a grain of salt.

Smash Ultimate Reddit leak
The leak includes info about Pokemon, Smash and other Nintendo games.

On the Smash Bros front, the leaker also claimed that the 7th DLC fighter would be “imminent” and would be shown in a Sakurai Presents video.

This seems very similar to how Nintendo announced Fire Emblem’s Byleth as DLC 5 with the character being revealed followed by a gameplay showcase thereafter.

Mazzie continued: “the character will be one ‘nobody is expecting.’ New franchise. Popular in the West.”

Smash Ultimate's Byleth
The presentation sounds just like when Byleth was revealed.

This is extremely interesting if true, especially the fact that the fighter is supposedly from a “new franchise.” There are many different options there, but this wouldn’t be the first time a game from this generation has landed a character – look no further than ARMS and Min Min.

One possible theory is an Overwatch representative. OW Game Director Jeff Kaplan has been very vocal about wanting Tracer – the game’s mascot – added to Smash, so that’s always a possibility.

The term “new franchise” could also just mean a franchise new to Smash. In this case, could Doomguy finally raise hell in Nintendo’s flagship fighter?

Smash Ultimate challenger pack 7
No one knows what Challenger Pack 7 will be.

Unfortunately, the leaker didn’t elaborate with more details. “I’m sorry if my information comes off as vague and general. My source (even though she is a good friend) gets their info from someone more on the inside and with great secrecy,” they said in a comment.

Only time will tell if this new leak ends up being accurate or just a troll that made an educated guess.

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