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Nintendo leaker claims Smash Ultimate special edition coming in 2022

Published: 20/Dec/2021 17:00

by Michael Gwilliam


A new version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate could be released early next year if a new leak from a Nintendo insider is to be believed.

Smash Ultimate finally wrapped up its two-year-long DLC content cycle with Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as the final fighter back in October and since then, the game also saw its last balance patch go live.

With the game finally fully completed, minus some possible bug fixes in a future patch, everything is finalized and all eyes are on what series creator Masahiro Sakurai wants to do next.

As of this writing, Sakurai has told fans not to expect another Smash game without some major cuts to the roster size and even some huge changes to the franchise’s iconic gameplay. However, the next installment may not be a true sequel per se.


Smash Ultimate gameplay
A new Smash game could be coming soon.

New Smash Ultimate game leaked?

According to insider HotGirlVideos69, who has on occasion correctly leaked news pertaining to Nintendo titles, a new special edition version of Smash Ultimate will be released in 2022.

On December 20, the account claimed that a version of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with all the DLC content from Challenger Packs is expected to release somewhere from the middle of January to February next year.

In true Nintendo fashion, the leaker also claimed that the game would retail for $89.99. It should be noted that the current version is still selling for $60 on Amazon with the Fighters Pass each costing over $20.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication on if this special edition would include any improvements to the game in the form of better online play, additional control options or other enhancements.


Nor does the leak suggest any new fighters or stages would be exclusive to this edition of Smash Ulitmate, don’t expect to see Master Chief or Crash Bandicoot make a surprise appearance.

We’ll have to wait and see if this leak ends up turning out to be true and if Nintendo plans to enhance Smash with new rivals in the platform fighter space emerging such as Warner Bros’ MultiVersus.