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Nintendo “leak” claiming Geno is free Smash Ultimate DLC fighter debunked

Published: 25/Sep/2020 0:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Mario RPG fans hoping to see Geno come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate had a gimmer of hope in the form of a leak that surfaced online on September 23. Sadly, it turned out to be an edited photo.

An image seemingly taken from one of the Chan-based websites dated July 20 featured a bunch of information that has since been proven untrue.

In it, the “leaker” claims that Kirby Fighters 2 would be released, and Koei Tecmo is working on new Hyrule Warriors based on Breath of the Wild.

Both the latter games were announced after the leak’s supposed post date of July 20, 2020 which make the leak look legitimate.

Geno Smash Ultimate leak
The fake leak confused some fans.

Additionally, the big “leak” included in the post was that Geno would be a Pirahana Plant style bonus character with no stage or songs.

“Geno is the next Smash character but is not Challenger Pack 7,” the supposed leaker added.

As cool as it would be to have Geno in Smash and as a bonus character no less, sadly, the leak was proven to be false.

Amusingly, using the first letter of every line in the post, you get the word “FAKE.” Translator Push DustIn even noted on Twitter that the leak originated on Resetera.

User Lord Vatek posted the image saying: “I did see this posted elsewhere that got Age of Calamity and Kirby Fighters 2 correct in July.”

Later on in the thread, the user came clean admitting that they made the “leak” three hours prior and included the “FAKE” message as a joke.

Fake Nintendo leaks on Resetera
The leak’s creator admitted it was fake.

While the leak is sure to disappoint some Geno fans, for Smash players anxious for the next DLC reveal, they shouldn’t have to wait that much longer.

There have been plenty of clues suggesting that DLC fighter 7 will be dropping late in September or early October, so be sure to keep your eyes open for any news as it develops.


Tfue finally reveals why he quit Fortnite after 2 years of “crankin 90s”

Published: 28/Oct/2020 22:50

by Alan Bernal


One of the biggest Fortnite streamers ever, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, revealed why he quit the game that amassed him millions of followers and a lucrative streaming career.

Since Fortnite’s battle royale component was released, the 22-year-old has been one of the most consistent content creators around the title. As for skill, at one time he was hailed as the best player, which only skyrocketed his popularity on Twitch.

But after years of speaking out against design decisions and the subsequent release of Warzone, Tfue left behind his main source of content – sporadically popping back into Fortnite since.

Only lightly talking about his Fortnite absence in the past, Tfue opened up about why he left on the ‘Brand Risk Podcast’ and how he’s expanded from the game since making the decision.

Epic Games via Twitch
Tfue was a huge figure in the Fortnite scene. He’s pictured here making an appearance at the Fortnite World Cup.

“Two years of cranking 90s was just too much,” Tfue said. “I had to spice it up and play other things. Plus, I felt like I milked the game so much that, like, me playing it was almost digging myself into a pit.”

When he first started uploading YouTube videos on Fortnite, he called it one of the “easiest and most polished” battle royales in the market at the time. That was largely true, as audiences from all age and skill groups eagerly hopped on to try it out.

But as his popularity slowly grew on Twitch, he saw that Fortnite started to become a job instead of the title that consumed his gaming life.

(Segment starts at 2:14)

“I got to the point where the only reason I was playing it was for viewers and for my career,” he explained. “I just stopped caring about that and felt like I milked Fortnite for all that was worth, considering I was blowing up at the peak of it.”

Tfue feels Fortnite “will die down, but (never) actually die,” and he’s already deep into games like Warzone to hold him over. Other bigtime streamers like DrLupo, CouRage, and Myth have also been separating from Epic Games’ battle royale, something we’re seeing more and more.

While he made a name for himself on the Fortnite island, Tfue has been exploring greener pastures to take his streaming career to the next phase.