NFL pro Le’Veon Bell wants to host a Smash tournament even bigger than Ludwig’s

LeVeonBell wants to host the biggest smash tournamentNintendo/LeVeonBell

Ludwig’s Smash Invitational might be getting dethroned as the largest Smash tournament of all time if NFL pro Le’Veon Bell has his way.

In October, popular YouTuber Ludwig spent over $200,000 to host the largest Smash tournament of all time bringing the best in the world for Melee and Ultimate to Las Vegas.

The event was monumental and extremely well-received, but its place in Smash history could be eclipsed by Le’Veon Bell who has his own plans for Nintendo’s platform fighter.

Now that offline tournaments have returned, the NFL free agent is looking to up the ante from his last event and is looking to team up with Team Liquid’s Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma to make it happen.

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Le’Veon Bell wants to host the “biggest Smash tournament ever”

In a post on Twitter, the football star and Mega Man main voiced his desire to get back into Smash and go even bigger.

“Boutta be back on Super Smash Bros HEAVY!” he exclaimed. “I wanna host another Smash Tourney. The Box was fire but… we had to do everything online, this time around I wanna go even bigger.”

During the global health crisis, the NFL star worked with Hungrybox to host an online tournament called “The Box” but it wasn’t as big as it could have been due to Nintendo’s lackluster online.

All that could change with the running back further adding he wants to “have the biggest Smash tournament ever.”

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This prompted Hungrybox to chime in, asking him if it was “time for us to break another world record,” and Bell seemed eager to work with the Team Liquid star.

Smash has some extremely big events coming up to end the year with the Smash World Tour and Panda Cup Finale, so it’s unlikely that Bell competes with those timeline-wise, but come 2023, expect some huge things from the football star and Hbox.