NFL pro Le’Veon Bell stunned by Hungrbox’s flawless Smash Ultimate 3-stock

Hungrybox impresses Le'Veon Bell with smash ultimate playNintendo/Hungrybox/ESPN

Super Smash Bros pro Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma pulled off one of the most perfect games in Smash Ultimate’s lifespan yet and managed to even impress NFL pro Le’Veon Bell.

In Smash, a ‘JV4’ is when a player can take all three of their opponent’s stocks without taking any damage themselves.

Being able to pull off such a feat is rare by itself, but doing so in a tournament match where players are ultra-competitive is another story entirely.

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Luckily for Melee God Hungrybox, he was matched up against a Bowser – a fighter that his Jigglypuff was more than capable of dominating.

Hungrybox amazes Le’Veon Bell with JV4

Like most heavies in Smash, Bowser can be combo-fodder for a number of fighters and Jigglypuff is no exception.

By making use of Puff’s down air rack up a ton of damage, utilizing the Pokemon’s destructive Rest ability, and taking advantage of Puff’s multiple jumps to keep pounding Bowser off stage, Hungrybox annihilated his foe.

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In just under one minute, Debiedma had taken all three of his opponent’s stocks and popped right off out of his chair in disbelief.

The explosive highlight earned Le’Veon Bell’s seal of approval on Twitter by responding, “damnnn.”

Amusingly, the NFL pro is quite the Smash player himself and has entered tournaments in Ohio where he was able to use his Megaman and actually do pretty well.

It’s always fun to see athletes partake in esports, whether as fans or actual competitors, and it’s clear that Hbox’s impressive clutch was on par with a game-winning touchdown for the football free agent.

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