New Smash Ultimate “crowd cheer theory” may reveal upcoming DLC fighters

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A new Smash Ultimate fighter theory is gaining popularity and may narrow down the identity of the final two DLC characters in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

As the second Fighters Pass reaches its conclusion, fans have noticed something quite intriguing about the crowd cheer voices in the game and how there is a severe lack of international voice acting for new fighters.

The theory seems to have originated on a message board earlier in May when a user remarked how the crowd cheers have been in the same language for all the Super Smash Bros DLC fighters in the second pass.

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For instance, Byleth from the first pass has a completely different cheer in English, French, Spanish, and other languages despite the character’s name being the same.

Basically, because the crowd cheers for other languages have remained the same as the English version in Fighters Pass Volume 2, it suggests that foreign voice actors haven’t returned. As such, any character that may potentially say their name in different languages are off the table.

“They effectively only kept the English version,” the user wrote. “What does it mean? That if your character has a name that’s completely different from English to French, German or whatever as DLC, he is pretty screwed.”

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The big takeaway from this is that a Pokemon DLC fighter seems extremely unlikely now, because of how often Pokemon say their names and how they have different names in other languages.

As Smash YouTuber PapaGenos also pointed out, Sonic characters currently in Smash as Assist Trophies are fully voiced in multiple languages too, so a DLC fighter not being voiced in German or French wouldn’t be consistent.

“This point is not stating the crowds disconfirm a character by themselves; it’s the PROOF that they didn’t hire the European voicing teams again for FP2, meaning [neither] a Pokemon or a Sonic character can get in,” the original poster added on the message board.

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They went on to make a point specifically about Master Chief and how despite him having a different name in French, he could still be coming in Fighters Pass Volume 2: “If it was Master Chief, I doubt they’d voice him in French, German, Italian etc. They’d just keep his Japanese and English voice actors.”

User explains smash ultimate theoryThe users explained how this doesn’t completely rule out characters with different names.

So, this is good news for fans of Crash, Master Chief, and other characters who don’t already have connections to Smash in other languages. It is, however, a big blow to any character who doesn’t have those things going for them.

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It’s likely that Challenger Pack 10 will be revealed at E3 2021, leaving just one more fighter before Fighters Pass Volume 2 concludes in December. If this theory is anything to go off, it may completely rule out a Pokemon or Sonic character such as Dr Eggman from appearing.

With E3 only a little while away in June, we won’t have long to wait and find out if this new theory holds true.