New Smash Ultimate clues suggest when DLC fighter 7 will be revealed

Michael Gwilliam
Mario, Samus and Fox stare ahead on a cliff

With Smash Ultimate seventh DLC fighter fast approaching, fans have been wondering just when the reveal will be. Now, some new info has come out that could help determine just when Nintendo will announce the next one.

As Dexerto has previously reported, a recurring 7-Eleven ad in Japan has been a bit of a precursor for when DLC reveals will happen.

In the past, whenever the ad marketing Smash Ultimate’s DLC has appeared, a DLC announcement soon follows it and normally happens before the ad finishes running.

Now, a post from Smashboards user Zem-raj details how the ad’s end date impacts fighter announcements.

Smashboards Ultimate 7-eleven info
Smash Ultimate fighter releases are connected to 7-Eleven ads.

With the last few ads specifically, Hero was released on July 30 while the ad was scheduled to end on August 2, 2019.

Next was Banjo. The ad was set to end on September 15, 2019 and the fighter was released on September 4.

For Byleth, the ad ran until February 2, but Byleth was revealed on January 16 and released twelve days later on the 28.

Smash Ultimate challenger pack 7
No one knows who Fighter 7 is.

Min Min was a bit of an exception, however, as the 7-Eleven ad ended on April 26 and she wasn’t announced until June 22 and available June 29.

This all said, it seems like fighter announcements and releases normally come a week or so before the ad finishes its run.

The newest ad is set to conclude on October 4, meaning that September 27 is the start of the week before. This is especially interesting because of certain events happening around that time.

Links attacks Ganondorf in Smash
Smash fans shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

For one, there is a special Challenge Cup taking place on the 26 using a mode previously only available in Japan. It’s unlikely that Nintendo would release a character right before a big tournament, meaning it could be a couple days later.

Amusingly, Nintendo has scheduled maintenance on Monday September 28 from 9:30 PM PST until 11:00 PM PST.

Could Monday September 28 be when the next DLC fighter is revealed? Keep in mind, all this lines up with the amiibo Theory, which suggests, based on previous amiibo releases, the new fighter will be known around this time.

While the identity of the new fighter is a mystery, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that we’ll finally learn who it is by next week.