New hints suggest September Nintendo Direct & Smash Ultimate DLC soon


With it nearly being one full year since the last General Nintendo Direct in September of 2019, clues have surfaced suggesting that we could finally be seeing a new one in addition to the next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter reveal.

The first major clue comes from Nintendo themselves, sort of. As some users across the internet have noticed, Nintendo seems to have updated the archive for past Directs.

When checking the page info, you can see it was last updated on September 2 at 4:16 AM, a possible sign that some news could be on the horizon.

The rumored Nintendo Direct is supposedly going to be heavily Mario-based to celebrate the mascot’s 35th anniversary with a 3D Mario Collection of sorts.

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Nintendo Direct ArchiveNintendo
The Nintendo Direct page was recently updated.

It also seems like Nintendo is partnering with other companies as part of this celebration, like Puma, who have apparently begun promoting Mario-themed sneakers on its Australian site early before being pulled.

While the sneaker tie-in may have happened regardless of a Nintendo Direct, it’s just another piece of circumstantial evidence to factor in.

The soles of the shoes also appear to reference Super Mario 64, one of the games that would likely be included within the 3D collection.

Perhaps the biggest indication, however, is on the Smash Bros front. This week, there hasn’t been a weekly online tournament or Spirit Event announced.

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It’s worth noting that the last time an event got delayed, it was because the special Small Battlefield stage patch launched out of nowhere, shocking fans everywhere.

Combined with the recently-discovered Amiibo Theory, that suggests when Amiibo Waves are released, DLC fighters are available shortly before or after, all signs are pointing to a Nintendo Direct and possibly even a fighter reveal.

It’s important to also note that fighters can be revealed shortly before they’re actually released, such as what happened with Min Min, Byleth and more. So a Nintendo Direct could be coming even sooner than the seventh.

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As always, take this news with a grain of salt since nothing has yet been confirmed or announced, but it’s looking more and more likely that Nintendo has something up its sleeve.