Multiple Smash pros fall ill and start throwing up after “outbreak” at tournament

Team Liquid smash pro riddles pops off at CollisionCollision

Many Smash Ultimate and Melee pros have fallen ill and are throwing up after a virus outbreak at the Collision tournament this past weekend.

Collision 2023 was a tournament for the ages with Team Liquid’s Riddles emerging victorious by ending the Cinderella run of Skyjay’s Incineroar while Jmook pulled off the Grand Finals reset against Zain.

Despite the tournament’s resounding success, many at the event have reported becoming ill afterward, with both Smash winners suffering as a result.

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In a series of posts, the Smash pros at the New Jersey tournament revealed they felt like they were suffering from a bad case of food poisoning, but it seems to be a norovirus outbreak.

Smash pros reveal sickness after Collision 2023

On Twitter, Liquid Hungrybox revealed that he was experiencing what he thought was “some of the worst food poisoning ever” and claimed to have lost ten pounds in seven hours.

Following this, many others discussed their own experiences, explaining how they had been throwing up nonstop since the event.

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“I have puked ten times since midnight,” wrote moky.

“I am feeling the absolute worst case of food poisoning in my life,” remarked Canadian Kazuya main Riddles.

Even SuperGirlKels, whose brother was at the tournament as she recovered from surgery, commented that everyone in her family is super sick.

“This was definitely a norovirus outbreak,” said Hungrybox after reviewing the evidence.

Ironically, the tournament required attendees to wear a face mask along with a negative test or proof of vaccination, yet that didn’t stop multiple players from getting sick regardless.

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Hopefully, the next premier open tournament ‘Major Upset’ won’t have the same problems when it kicks off in early April.