MKLeo joins T1 as organization expands Smash, fighting game rosters

Andrew Amos
Todd Guiterrez for Beyond the Summit

Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez has found a new home at T1, with the South Korean organization on the hunt to expand their rosters in Smash Ultimate and other fighting game titles.

MKLeo has joined one of esports’ most storied organizations in T1, with the top-ranked Smash Ultimate player bolstering the team’s FGC presence.

The announcement comes after the Joker main’s miraculous lower bracket run at Frostbite over the weekend, where he swept the grand final 6-0 to get back to his winning ways after Genesis 7.

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T1 announced the move on Twitter on February 26. “We’re proud to strengthen our North American presence and continue our winning legacy with this superstar on our side,” the organization said.

“I will keep trying my best to keep pushing the Ultimate meta and get all those tourney wins,” MKLeo added. “This is just the beginning of a lot of great things with my new family.”

MKLeo is the hottest prospect in Smash right now. The Smash Ultimate god has won two Smash Ultimate Summits, Super Smash Con, EVO 2019, CEO 2019, and MomoCon 2019 all in the last two months.

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He hasn’t placed lower than second in a singles event since May 2019, with 12 wins and 4 runner-up placings since Get On My Level 2019. He’s one of the most flexible players in Smash, but has found himself a main in Joker since the fighter’s release last year.

He is at the top of the Smash Ultimate power rankings for good reason, and now with the backing of one of esports’ most storied orgs, he will be looking to continue breaking records at the top.

T1 signed Jason ‘ANTi’ Bates back in April 2019 as their first foray into the Smash scene. The Mario main was one of Smash 4’s top players, but has failed to find form in Ultimate, with his most recent finish being a 17-24th place at EVO Japan.

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With a number of free agents on the market though, T1 has the opportunity to really expand their FGC lineup.

Dominique ‘SonicFox’ McLean announced their free agency yesterday, and with their former Echo Fox companion now joining T1, the duo combining again isn’t too far out of the equation.

MKLeo hasn’t revealed where he’s going to play next, but it’s likely he will be on the bracket at CEO Dreamland 2020 to defend his 2019 title on March 13-15.