Ludwig signs world’s best Smash Melee player Zain as Moist Esports expands

moist esports announces Zain as new smash melee playerTwitter: Ludwig/Moist Esports

Moist Esports just announced the signing of the No.1 Smash Melee player and Marth main, Zain “Zain” Naghami, as the budding esports organization continues to expand. 

2023 seems to be a year of rapid expansion for Moist Esports. They kicked the year off with Ludwig being announced as a co-owner before a Valorant team competing in the NA challengers circuit was signed. Given the early success, the founders certainly haven’t been quiet on the idea of expanding into new competitive scenes.

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Now they have once again acted on the plans and made more “big mogul moves”, as Ludwig would say. 

In a teaser video featuring Ludwig getting ready in the morning and spoofing rom-com flicks, fans got the announcement that Moist Esports has signed 2022’s No.1 Smash Bros melee player, Zain. 

Ever since 2018, Zain has consistently placed among the top 10 in the Super Smash Bros Melee Rank (SSBMRank) and various other community-made lists. 

2022 was no doubt a breakout year for the Marth main as he finally achieved No.1 in the leaderboards, in both the summer and year-end lists. 

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Last year saw him not only take home two Smash Majors in Shine and Pound 2022 but also win Genesis 8 and the Ludwig Smash Invitational. And if he wasn’t lifting trophies, he was consistently placing top 10 or making a run in the playoff brackets. 

However, on March 30, 2023, Golden Guardians announced that Zain was leaving the org, which had been his home since the start of 2020.

Zain’s signing with Moist Esports sees him join Kurtis “moky” Pratt as the org’s second Melee player. Moky finished 2022 at No.13 in the SSBMRank, and now Moist seems to be vying for the title of the greatest Melee superteam. 

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