Light explains why he’s close to being the top Smash Ultimate player - Dexerto

Light explains why he’s close to being the top Smash Ultimate player

Published: 10/Jan/2020 22:06 Updated: 20/Feb/2020 10:31

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash Ultimate pro Paris ‘Light’ Ramirez is one of the best Fox players, and believes he can take the title of greatest player in the world in just one year.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Paris explained that he’s very close to becoming the best player, but has some things he needs to work on to reach that milestone.

“I feel like I’m just a few steps away and I can find that through playing more with people,” Ramirez said. “There’s just three things I need to figure out. These three things are not minor things. These are things that change the tide, I feel like. If I figure these things out, I can go from – I feel like anyone can go from like twentieth to first. I just need to find out what that one thing is. One of those three things, I’m missing it.”

While he didn’t elaborate, Fox specialist Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez, who was voted Dexerto’s Smash player of the year, has what Ramirez is talking about. Some sort of x-factor that sets him apart from the rest.

“I’m only playing this game competitively, not just because I love it, I’m playing it competitively because I want to be the best player. I’m a competitor at heart and I won’t stop until I’m the best,” he added.

Light’s 2019 was highlighted by strong fourth place finishes at Kongo Saga and Mainstage. At Glitch 7 he finished second overall behind, losing out to Pikachu legend Eric ‘ESAM’ Lew.

NintendoLight says Fox fits his play style.

It will be fun for fans to see if Light can figure his game out and rise ahead of superstars such as MKLeo who sees consistent first-place performances at just about every tournament he attends.

Light’s first major test of 2020 will be at the year’s first super major, Genesis 7. The January 24 event will feature legends such as MKLeo, Samsora, Tweek, Dabuz all battling for the crown.


Smash Ultimate leaker explains why Nintendo won’t make Geno a fighter

Published: 18/Jan/2021 19:33

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Mario RPG’s Geno has been a Smash Ultimate fighter candidate for many years, and a Japanese leak gaining traction online may reveal why Nintendo hasn’t upgraded the puppet to a full character.

While Geno became a Mii Fighter starting with Smash 4 on Wii U and then again in Ultimate, fans have wanted the character to be something more. Numerous fan groups dedicated to getting the RPG character in Smash have sprung up, and it seems like Nintendo is aware of his popularity.

The question then, of course, is why isn’t Geno in Smash Ultimate if the fan support is so high? After all, favorites such as Banjo, Ridley, and King K Rool were added to Ultimate, so why not Geno?

Well, according to a Japanese leaker who correctly stated that Steve from Minecraft and Dragon Quest’s Hero were coming to the game, Nintendo is confused about where his support is coming from.

Steve in Smash Ultimate
The leaker correctly said Steve was coming to Smash.

In a 2018 post on the 5ch site, the leaker claimed that all Nintendo is hearing is “put him in Smash” with little to no support for a remake or new Super Mario RPG title.

“Developers are confused about this whole Smash fever situation,” the leaker claimed. “Especially from the third party side, they don’t want their characters to be established as ‘Smash’ characters, and the occasional requests for a new game are always associated with Smash representation.”

This is an interesting point and it’s easy to see why developers would look at Geno – a character from a one-off Square Enix RPG – and not want him viewed as anything more than a Smash fighter.

Geno costume SSBU
Geno is nothing more than a Mii fighter.

“This kind of attitude from fans are making the devs unsure of their real intentions,” the leak continued, noting how the internet demographic is loud and there’s no indication if fans really want the series revived.

“They just couldn’t take a chance on developing a whole new game by having Smash come in first,” it states.

If this leak is true, then it doesn’t bode well for Geno ever being added to a Smash game as anything other than a Mii fighter or Spirit.

Of course, as always, take these posts with a grain of salt, but given the leaker’s track record, there could very well be some truth to it.