LEGO rejects Smash Bros fan’s perfect Battlefield stage set

Smash Ultimate lego setNintendo

A Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan’s impressive LEGO creation of the series’ iconic Battlefield stage has amazed players, but it won’t be getting an official release anytime soon.

Despite Smash being a video game hodgepodge featuring numerous gaming mascots and locations from the medium’s history, there are some elements unique to Nintendo’s flagship fighter.

Aside from pioneering the percentage-based knockback system, Smash also has unique stages, primarily Final Destination and the three platform slugfest of Battlefield.

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One Smash player decided to honor the latter in the form of LEGO, bringing the stage to life. While they earned the respect of their fellow smashers, LEGO dismissed the idea.

Banjo and inklingNintendo
LEGO and Smash is a match made in heaven.

Smash player builds genius Battlefield stage in LEGO

In a post on the Smash Bros subreddit, user ‘LampLighter_’ unveiled their take on the famous stage, including the three platforms.

The set makes use of some transparent cylinders to hold up the platforms while also implementing some greenery and the mysterious block of ice on the right-hand side.

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Fans completely adored the set. One called it a, “perfect stage for Steve to do his work” while others asked the creator to post a list of pieces they used.

Smash Ultimate Battlefield in LEGOReddit/LampLighter_
LEGO rejected this Smash Ultimate set.

“I’d love if Nintendo would approve LEGO Smash Brothers. Battlefield with Mario, Link, Fox, and Samus would be live. And then just have minifig packs for the other characters,” wrote another.

“It’s a shame that it got rejected by LEGO Ideas. I appreciate all the details put into it— the chain hanging below, the dilapidated nature of the platforms, and plants growing through,” yet another Redditor praised.

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Unfortunately, as LampLighter_ said, it seems like LEGO rejected the set for copyright reasons, but considering Nintendo has worked with LEGO on projects, there’s always a chance we get something official in the years to come.

In the meantime, however, we can admire LampLighter_’s set and another that recreated all the fighters in LEGO and hope that if something official does happen, it ends up looking even half as good.

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