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Leffen slams Hungrybox for his reaction to Smash Ultimate’s Pyra release video

Published: 19/Feb/2021 11:22

by Lauren Bergin


The Smash Ultimate universe has recently seen the introduction of Pyra and Myrtha from Xenoblade 2 but YouTuber Juan Manuel ‘Hungrybox’ DeBeidma has received backlash for sexualizing the character’s appearances. 

While Pyra’s release into the Smash Ultimate universe has left some fans a little disappointed, her release marks the first every two-in-one character.

With players able to shift back and forth between the firey Xenoblade 2 champion and her lightning-based comrade Myrtha, it’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo juggle the weight differences between the two characters.

However, Smash Ultimate player and YouTuber Hungrybox’s reaction to Pyra’s release trailer has left several fans enraged, including fellow pro player William Peter ‘Leffen’ Hjelte.


Hungrybox’s reaction to Pyra

Pyra in Smash Ultimate
Pyra and Mythra are the first ever two-in-one fighter.

Hungrybox has become a go-to for Smash Ultimate fans across the globe. While his reaction videos are normally met with hilarity, this one has fallen a bit short.

At several points throughout the video the Argentinian YouTuber compliments Pyra’s body, but in a way that many have deemed to be inappropriate.

Noting that “I like that render, kinda wifey right now dude,” he concludes the video by referring to her as “the thiccest character in Smash… they did it to appeal.”

This has sparked a debate on Twitter, which popular Smash pro TSM Leffen is at the helm of.


TSM Leffen hits back at Hungrybox

In a series of tweets, the TSM Smash star brought up the YouTuber’s controversial reaction video. His comments, however, are also directed at the wider community for their lack of condemnation for the sexualization of the game’s characters.

Writing that “this sh*t is disappointing,” he goes on to say that “this sh*t needs to change and stop making excuses for sh*t like this.”

Addressing Hungybox head-on in his final tweet, he comments “to be clear I don’t think what Hbox did now is as bad as sharing hentai and definitely not as the much worse sh*t, but its imo still really inappropriate behavior for someone who makes content for a largely underage audience, esp given his past.”


Hungrybox Apologises

After the debate blew up online, the Smash YouTuber took to Twitter to issue a formal apology.

He writes that “in a quite tone-deaf fashion I decided to make a lot of boob / body jokes. In doing so, I didn’t consider the perspective & comfort of others.”


He continues “I or any other content creator shouldn’t encourage the objectification of women, even if it’s of a video game character. Because one step leads to another and then back to the same problems that led to a lot of pain for others.”

While the situation has been quickly put to bed, it raises questions regarding what Smash content creators should consider before posting on their channels.