Hungrybox fan brings beloved Twitch emote to life and Smash fans are blown away - Dexerto

Hungrybox fan brings beloved Twitch emote to life and Smash fans are blown away

Published: 11/Dec/2021 15:07 Updated: 11/Dec/2021 15:19

by André González Rodríguez


Smash fans have different ways to show their support for their favorite pro smash player, be it with donating or subscribing to their streams, showing their up at events or in the case of one dedicated Hungrybox fan, making something absolutely huge.

The Smash Bros scene is known to have some of the most passionate fans out of all of the esports games. The fans of a 20-year-old game in Melee’s case are immensely dedicated to their game and this, of course, spills over to their support of their favorite pro players.

Whether they’re fans of what currently remain active of the Five Gods of the game in Mang0 or Hungrybox or the newcomers of the scene, one thing is all the same — Smash players love to show their support in many different ways. 


It’s no different for one particular Hungrybox fan, who decided to take their support of the Team Liquid star to a whole new level. 

Twitch: btssmash
Hungrybox is one of the more prominent figures in the smash scene

Hungrybox fan creates giant cutout of the player in his house

As a player, Hungrybox can sometimes be larger than life with his patented pop offs after nail-biting sets, so it’s only fitting that someone has created a giant cutout of the Smash pro.

The fan, namely user MeanForce1 on Reddit, posted their work on several subreddits, one being the official smashbros subreddit that caught the attention of their fellow fans. 

“Remember last year when those metal monoliths started popping up in random places around the world? I think you know where I’m going with this,” joked one. “Dude, I’ve just gotta know the price (of that),” added another.

I made a giant cutout of hungrybox in my living from smashbros

The 17-foot tall piece that seemingly reaches the Reddit user’s very tall ceiling was apparently done without a specific reason in mind apart from “artistic reasons”.


When asked on the Team Liquid subreddit as to why they did it, they responded by stating that they had seen another post of Hungrybox with a cutout a few days prior and that it was “a sign” as to why they should make a giant one of him. 

At the end of the day, smashers know no bounds when it comes to supporting their favorite pro players, even if it means making a giant cutout of them.