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How to watch Smash Ultimate ARMS fighter reveal: date, start time, more

Published: 19/Jun/2020 19:19 Updated: 20/Jun/2020 1:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Nintendo has finally announced when Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai will be revealing the ARMS character coming to Ultimate as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2, and here’s how you can tune in.

The company first announced that an ARMS character would be making their way to Smash back in a March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini, where they said the fighter would be revealed and released in June.

Following the announcement, there was a lot of speculation as to who the fighter will be, with the game’s mascot Spring Man already serving as an Assist Trophy in the game.


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When and where is the reveal?

Eventually, on June 19, Nintendo revealed that the ARMS fighter will be revealed during a presentation on Monday, June 22 at 7AM PST/10AM EST.

The broadcast will be available on YouTube to either watch live or a replay afterwards.

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What will happen during the presentation?

According to Nintendo, like most DLC presentations, it will be conducted by Sakurai himself and last roughly 35-minutes. The livestream will feature in-depth look at the new character and stage.

Past presentations have begun with an opening cinematic followed by the fighter reveal, Sakurai going over the character’s history, the franchise they’re from, their costumes, and eventually, showing off the new addition in action.


We should also be getting a release date for the character during the presentation, but we do know that they will be released sometime in June.

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Will any new fighters be revealed alongside the ARMS DLC?

Nintendo has made it clear that only the ARMS character will be revealed during the presentation, so don’t expect the show to end with Dante and Master Chief popping in at the last moment.

Once the ARMS fighter is released, there will still be five more DLC spots available as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2, so it’s still possible that a character you really want to see in Smash will get in eventually.


In a recent Famitsu column, Sakurai himself addressed how DLC development was proceeding with the team working from home and outlined that there have been several difficulties, so it’s unclear how far along the team is on the next few upcoming fighters.

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Who is the ARMS fighter?

Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the identity of the character joining the roster, but a couple of leaks have slipped through the cracks. Known insider has Vergeben suggested that it could be a similar situation to Hero and Bowser JR where there are multiple characters as alternate costumes.

The cast of ARMS joining the Smash Ultimate roster.
Any ARMS fighter could be making the jump to Smash Ultimate.

There also seems to be few in the industry who know the character’s identity. Imran Kahn, a former Senior Editor for Game Informer who previously said that Disney blocked Sora from coming to Smash, says he knows who the ARMS representative is.


Additionally, user NateDrake on Resetera claimed that the new fighter will not be Helix and revealing the fighter’s gender “would make it far too easy.”

Speculation is still running wild, but at least we won’t have much longer to wait until the new character is available. Place your bets!