How Smash pro Marss mastered Zero Suit Samus

Tyler ‘Marss’ Martin is one of the most exciting players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right now, thanks to his unique play style using signature pick Zero Suit Samus.

The ZSS main with a penchant for pajama pants has been an increasingly common sight in the finals of major Smash events lately, but don’t let his laid-back appearance fool you – Marss plays with an intensity that is both demanded and rewarded by his unorthodox character choice.

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The mobility offered by Zero Suit Samus allows Marss to play on a razor’s edge, taking risks but also earning huge rewards when they pay off. It makes for high-octane and unpredictable gameplay that’s resulted in Marss becoming one of the most exciting and popular players on the Smash circuit.

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We’ve taken a look at why Zero Suit Samus is Marss’ character of choice, and how his spectacular play style has put him on the path to becoming Smash royalty despite breaking some of the most fundamental rules about how the game is typically played.