How much MP each of Hero’s insane special attacks cost in Smash Ultimate


The latest Super Smash Brothers Ultimate fighter, Hero, was released July 30 and has set the fighting game community ablaze with his ridiculous assortment of special attacks. So many in fact, it can be hard to keep track of them all. 

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By pressing down and B on the controller, players can access Hero’s “command select” and choose one of four random unique spells or other moves from a menu. Performing said attack or spell will drain Hero’s Magic Points (MP).

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Reddit user ProfessorExposition determined how much MP each move will cost. We added the descriptions of each from Hero’s official presentation.

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  •  Oomph – 16 MP – raises attack power for a limited time
  •  Psyche Up – 14 MP – Increases the power of the next attack
  •  Bounce – 14 MP – reflects projectiles 
  •  Heal – 7 MP – restores health
  •  Accelerate – 13 MP – becomes very fast

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  •  Flame Slash – 17 MP – attacks a wide area
  •  Kacrackle Slash -11 MP – freezes the opponent
  •  Hatchet Man – 15 MP – delivers a critical hit when it connects 
  •  Thwack – 30 MP – can sometimes instantly KO opponent 
  •  Metal Slash – 6 MP – one-hit KO a metal opponent
  •  Magic Burst – All MP – an attack that will use up all your MP


  •  Kaboom – 37 MP – powerful explosive spell 
  •  Snooze – 16 MP – puts the opponent to sleep 

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  •  Zoom – 8 MP – recover to the stage from anywhere


  •  Kaklang – 6 MP – stay in place, invincible for a limited time
  •  Hocus Pocus – 4 MP – never know what will happen
  •  Kamikazee – 1 MP – an extremely powerful explosion that results in self-destruction 

Additionally, other spells not shown off in the video but had their MP drain listed are: 

  •  Sizz – 8 MP 
  •  Sizzle – 20 MP
  •  Bang – 9 MP
  •  Whack – 10 MP

NintendoHero has many special attacks to use on opponents.
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The first major tournament where players will be able to use Hero is Super Smash Con on August 8. “this new char WILL be legal at #SSC19 :),” the event’s account tweeted on July 30. 

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Smash Bros players have already had some crazy moments with the newest fighter.

In a video posted to Reddit, a player landed a snooze attack on a mid-air opponent causing him to drift away off the stage and to their death despite the attacking landing while still barely over the second platform on Battlefield.

And the Kamikaze ability has an impressive kill range. GCab uploaded a video of the move where he is able to kill a Young Link from far beyond standard attack range.

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NintendoHero will be legal at Super Smash Con

It’s not just spells that Hero has in his arsenal. He has a unique passive ability where his attacks can result in critical hits, dealing more damage and causing opponents to fly farther off the stage and to their doom.

William “Leffen” Hjelte, well-known for his Melee play was killed in one shot by a critical hit. 

Given the power of Hero’s kit, it’s likely that we’ll see some players attempt to use him at Super Smash Con. 

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