Goku vs Frieza Smash Ultimate mod shows we need Dragon Ball platform FighterZ

Michael Gwilliam
Frieza vs Rosalina in DBZ Smash Ultimate modNintendo/gamebanana

An insane new Smash Ultimate mod finally lets Dragon Ball Z fans battle it out as Goku and Frieza – and it’s proof we need a DBZ fighting game in the style of Smash.

Dragon Ball Z is known for its over-the-top action, insane moments and fights that can literally rip through universes. Translating the intensity of Dragon Ball into video games has proven to be difficult throughout the years, but Smash can come crazily close.

By itself, Super Smash Bros is a fast-paced series with battles that could very well be ripped right from DBZ. As such, it’s no surprise that fans have constantly pushed to see the anime and manga protagonist, Goku, join the roster.

While a mod for Goku in Smash has existed for a while now, Frieza is brand new. Created by DemonSlayerX8, this mod makes Frieza a skin for Kazuya, and the result is absolutely fantastic.

In a video, DemonSlayerX8 had his new Frieza mod battle it out with Goku, and it’s honestly amazing to see. Watching the two fighters get knocked high into the air and to the far-off regions of the stage fits with the anime’s fights perfectly.

The latest Dragon Ball fighting game, FighterZ, is proof that a 2D game works well for the series – but one done with Smash mechanics and a percentage-based knockback could be even better.

Consider how vertical fights in Dragon Ball become with characters able to fly. This kind of feature could easily be adapted in a Smash-style game and add another layer to the gameplay.

Goku vs Frieza in SmashYouTube/DemonSlayerX8
Goku and Frieza can finally fight in Smash Ultimate.

With Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl getting a lot of attention from the Smash community for borrowing mechanics and improving in other areas, we can only hope that DBZ is next in line.

Until then, DemonSlayerX8’s mod should suffice and is a must-play for fans of the series.