Fourth Smash Ultimate DLC fighter confirmed to be from an SNK title

Eli Becht
SNK / Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s fourth DLC pack is on the way and according to Nintendo’s website, it’ll be a character from an SNK title.

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New Smash DLC is always a hot topic of debate among fans and players but now it looks like we’ll be able to magnify our predictions on something much more concrete.

The listing for Challenger Pack 4 on Nintendo’s UK website lists an SNK copyright at the bottom of the page, which indicates that’s where the next DLC will be from.

This news was first revealed by Twitter user New_WaiSabi (via PushDustIn).

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While we can now set our eyes on an SNK title, there’s still a lot to dig through about who the next fighter could potentially be.

SNK has a deep history and a plethora of games to pick from, but a very strong indication is it could be a character from Samurai Shodown, which is set for a December 12 release in Japan on the Switch.

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Outside of Samurai Shodown, there are numerous other titles that Smash could pluck a character from, including but, not limited to the following:

  • King of Fighters
  • Fatal Fury
  • The Art of Fighting
  • Metal Slug

SNK’s rich history in the fighting game genre will make for an excellent addition to Smash, even if it’s not even on the radar of what fans are currently expecting.

Challenger Pack 4’s listing on Nintendo’s website.
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The rumor mill has been churning about who the next fighter will be and while it seems like we have narrowed down the fourth one, we still need to predict who will be the fifth.

D.Va or Tracer from Overwatch, Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, and Undertale have all been rumored to be coming to the game at some point.

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Overwatch has already been potentially leaked as coming to the Switch so adding a character from Blizzard’s hit FPS would make perfect sense.

According to Nintendo’s website, Challenger Pack 4 will be announced sometime before February 29, 2020.