DreamHack gives Smash pros cash after “disrespectful” concert disrupts tournament

concert at dreamhack side-by-side with smash meleeTwitter/Alberto_611

Smash players at DreamHack San Diego were awarded a bit of extra cash after a rock concert played next to the matches featuring the final 8 in the tournament.

Reaching top 8 in an event featuring some of the best players in the world is difficult enough, but to compete with a rock concert playing right next to you takes some stellar mental strength.

That’s exactly what happened at DreamHack San Diego when both Melee and Brawlhalla events were disrupted by a loud City of Sound concert that even left Smash star Masaya ‘aMSa’ Chikamoto fuming.

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Luckily, the tournament organizer understood this was causing a big fuss and decided to award those in the final stretch of the event with an extra $250 each.

Smash Melee finals disrupted by rock concert at DreamHack

Shortly after the tournament, aMSa took to social media to share his thoughts on what had transpired.

“Dreamhack, an outrageous composition of live concerts with explosive sounds next to the Top 8 games of Smash Bros,” the Yoshi main said. “Mixed events please remember to respect all sides.”

Jeffrey ‘Axe’ Williamson, who placed second, didn’t seem too pleased with the concert either, but noted it still “looked hype.”

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In response to Brawlhalla caster Sparky saying the “ungodly” concert was “disrespectful,” DreamHack issued an apology and blamed a scheduling oversight.

“It does not represent how proud we are to be able to host these types of tournaments and be a part of the fighting game community,” DH commented. “It is definitely something we are learning from and taking with us for future events.”

Smash TO JeBailey told Dexerto that players were “understanding in the end and appreciative” of the compensation, adding this was something that wouldn’t happen again.

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Considering all the drama the Smash community deals with, it’s good to see that this issue, albeit bizarre, was dealt with rather quickly.

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