Crash Bandicoot likely not coming as Smash Ultimate DLC fighter says insider

Crash Bandicoot ruled out of Smash UltimateNintendo

Fans hoping to see Crash Bandicoot join Super Smash Bros Ultimate as one of the two remaining DLC characters may be out of luck, according to a notable Nintendo insider.

Crash Bandicoot has been rumored for some time now as a likely candidate to join the roster in Fighters Pass Volume 2 – but with only two spots remaining, his chances have grown slimmer.

Now, notable leaker and insider Nate The Hate has cast further doubts on Activision’s bandicoot getting the chance to duke it out with Mario, Sonic, Link and more of gaming’s greatest heroes.

In his most recent podcast, Nate was asked by a viewer what his thoughts were on speculation that either Crash Bandicoot or Halo’s Master Chief would be coming to Smash Ultimate to round out the DLC.

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While Nate’s guest, Modern Vintage Gamer, viewed both characters as having a good chance, Nate himself felt otherwise – especially regarding Crash.

“I’d say of the two, I’d give Master Chief probably the highest probability chance, but my gut feeling is that we probably don’t get either, unfortunately,” Nate said.

However, he quickly followed this up by explaining why, and read out a donation he received saying that a viewer jokingly expected Nate himself to be revealed as a Smash fighter come E3.

Crash in Smash UltimateYoutube/Curiomatic
Crash may have just been ruled out.

Given Nate’s track record with gaming news, especially when it pertains to Nintendo, there is a good chance that he has information regarding what’s next for the Smash series.

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What makes this possible deconfirmation all the more disheartening is that Activision had reportedly been adamant about getting Crash in Smash as part of a “five year plan.”

Rumors of Crash being added as DLC reached new highs following the announcement that Crash 4 would be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Smash Ultimate challenger pack 10 and 11Nintendo
Only two DLC slots remain in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Meanwhile, Master Chief has long been a fabled longshot, but always within consideration, given how Microsoft and Nintendo worked together to bring Banjo and then Steve to the crossover fighter.

Of course, take all this news with a grain of salt until the final two DLC fighters are confirmed – but this could be yet another blow to fans hoping to see Crash or Master Chief added to the roster.

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Fighters Pass Volume 2 is set to conclude by December 2021 at the latest.