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Crash Bandicoot finally joins Smash Ultimate with must-have fighter mod

Published: 21/Jan/2022 22:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans hoping to one day finally play as Crash Bandicoot have gotten their wish thanks to a new mod that brings the iconic character to life.

Nintendo officially ended their Smash Ultimate DLC run with Kingdom Hearts’ Sora, the most-requested third-party character of all time. While this was very well-received by fans, it meant that some popular candidates didn’t make the cut.

One video game character, in particular, was Crash Bandicoot, who fans wanted to see receive an invitation to complete the 90s trifecta with rivals Mario and Sonic already being in the game.

Now, one fan has gone the extra mile to add the Bandicoot to Nintendo’s flagship fighting game with some unique moves, animations, and even a special Kirby hat.


Crash Bandicoot joins Smash Ultimate

The mod by S77 is a revamped version of an existing mod by creator Mastaklo with some nice upgrades to really bring the character to Smash while still using Dr Mario as a placeholder.

Some of the changes include swapping jump animations with Mii Brawler, a new victory animation, a new Aku Aku model and a Smash-like announcer.

As you can see in the video for the mod, Crash plays a bit floaty, but keeps some of his original Dr Mario moveset, albeit with a twist.

Kirby Crash Bandicoot smash hat
Kirby with a Crash Bandicoot hat? Awesome.

“My objective was to get the closest possible to a true Crash Bandicoot character in Smash,” S77 wrote. “These patches are designed to completely turn Dr. Mario into Crash Bandicoot in multiple ways.”


Anyone who is a big fan of Crash and Smash should try to install this mod and enhance their experience, especially if the Activision-owned character was one of your dream candidates who never officially made it in.