Banned Smash pro under fire for using religion to justify “discrimination”

smash melee pro DaShizWizTwitter/DSWBronson

Smash Melee pro Bronson ‘DaShizWiz’ Layton is facing backlash after for using his religion to explain his controversial comments that some have found “transphobic.”

In a video on Twitter, the Falco main issued a message to the Smash community addressing his ban from online tournaments.

DaShizWiz has had plenty of controversial incidents in his career including assaulting a Florida gas station clerk back in 2016.

However, despite being allowed back into tournaments, notably Smash Summit 7, the Melee player says “politics” are to blame for his recent blacklisting.

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Melee pro accuses Smash of not tolerating his religion

According to DaShizWiz, the Smash community is filled with people who “claim to be women while they are men.”

Layton went on to say that he’s very open about his faith and accused the Smash community of taking issue with his beliefs as they pertain to transgender individuals.

“So, I have been banned for some reason that has nothing to do with me being arrested. I just wanted to give this message to the Smash community that I do not change my beliefs when it comes to the holy words of God,” he concluded.

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Other individuals involved in Smash esports blasted the video. Cody Schwab responded by calling DaShizWiz out for “publicly discriminating against a marginalized group” even if it was the best interpretation of his faith.

Dara, a transgender commentator called the message “funny” and it went on to urge Layton to “change as a person.”

Even Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl dev Thaddeus Crews got in on the action, calling the ban “wholly justified” and “one of the easiest blacklists.”

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So far, DaShizWiz has yet to respond to the backlash, but it doesn’t sound like he will be changing his views anytime soon.

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